Fallen Fields December 2017 Band Of The Month Friday December 1 2017, 1:00 PM
Fallen Fields December 2017 Band Of The Month

A group of gentlemen who collectively generate a sequence of aurally complimentary noises, using a variety of output devices.

Fallen Fields was formed with the aim of creating
rock music with the emphasis on melody, harmony and
groove. Fallen Fields are gathering a great reputation for
their live show, supporting local bands, tribute acts,
touring bands (including Novana, The Kut and Sumo
Cyco) and local festivals (Springboard, Biker festivals &
Fake Fest). Receiving very positive responses from all who
have seen them. The band have recorded their debut
album "One". This includes 11 songs, all of varying styles
and tempos making it easy to fit in with almost any band
they share a stage with. Fallen Fields take pride in being
well rehearsed and putting on a professional


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