Scavenger Is Band Of The Month September 2017 Saturday September 2 2017, 2:24 PM
Scavenger Is Band Of The Month September 2017

Scavenger, an oldschool Belgian heavy/speed metal band that released one album in 1985.

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I'm writing this review mainly as a response to author Martin Popoff's toss-off review of "Battlefields" in his for the most part excellent(except for a few reviews I vehemently disagree with such as his SCAVENGER-"Battlefields" write-up) and invaluable book The Collector's Gude To Heavy Metal Vol. 2: The Eighties". In the book, Popoff basically states that Belgium's SCAVENGER were little more than a Krokus wanna-be clan with minimal Metal to offer. Now, I don't know if Popoff ever really listened/examined SCAVENGER closely or maybe just gave them the old "one song" treatment, but SCAVENGER is sure as hell alot more than bottom of the barrel European Metal! First off, SCAVENGER-"Battlefields" LP (1984) has one of the best productions of any Mausoleum release. Second, the album was recorded in 1983 which is quite early for the aggressive form of melodic Euro-metal that SCAVENGER exemplifies. I mean these guys meant business! Their musicianship is excellent, drawing on all the pre-'83 Euro-Metal bases(Picture, Accept, Trance, Heavy Load, Viva, Torch, Bodine, Glory Bells Band, and the power & glory of the NWOBHM). SCAVENGER were a highly competent band but existed in a burgeoning and overcrowded European Metal scene. This reason, as well as seemingly minimal distribution of "Battlefields" (although maybe it just never made it to the USA), doomed SCAVENGER to the dustbin of Metal history. In this sense every time I listen to SCAVENGER I get kind of bummed out because there were just SO many killer European band from '81-'87 that just seem to have got lost in the shuffle. If ever there were a band that deserved a second look, it's SCAVENGER(and to be fair Saints' Anger and Underdog's "Rabies In Town" as well). Truly a killer album with great guitars, catchy but dark bleak/melodies, above average production, GREAT LP cover art, and a hidden weapon in a the vocal department blending just the right amount of Euro-accent with well-spoken Engish. Basically, if you LOVE the European Metal of the early/mid 1980's, SCAVENGER is a band you cannot overlook, even despite what Martin Popoff says...Afterall, SCAVENGER could devour any of today's so-called melodic/traditional bands in one old school bite.

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