Autoeroticasphyxium Zine is spotlighted in an interview at Being With Life E-Zine, conducted by Andy Horry, director of the 2016 documentary British Black Metal: The Extreme Underground.
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New poems posted at Autoeroticasphyxium zine's blog:
New poems are submitted to the zine by Andy Horry, Jerry Langdon and new writer Koga Easter.
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New #interview up w/#GideonSmith at #CosmicRock (link in bio)
#Doomstress #DoomstressAlexis #bandinterview #heavymetal #metal #doom #rock #gideonsmithandthedixiedamned #zine
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Some reviews of the new Gravehuffer album (and a couple of bonus reviews of our Kill For Sport video) via Encyclopedia Metallum, Doomed & Stoned, Mass Movement Magazine, Metalnews, El Comenta Mierda Blog, The Thrash Metal Guide, Dead Air At The Pulpit, Taste Nation LLC - A Music Consortium, DJ Zach of Metal Devastation Radio, Music The Lifeblood, No One Likes Your Band, Metal Nexus, Obscure Chaos-Zine, AEA Zine, Cadaver Garden, Thunder Underground, Behind The Beat Music Blog, Paranoize 'Zine, and Ever Metal!
'Your Fault' is out now on CD/cassette via Reality Impaired Recordings. (page 19)
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Bring requests, beers, weed and your fucking ears!
The Zach Moonshine Show double feature, featuring an interview with Relapse recording artists Unearthly Trance as well as a Live interview with Yngve Guitarist/Drummer/Vocalist at Gungnir, Drummer at Christfuck, Dismal Chant, Deviser, SocialScream, Lykaionas, Session Drummer at Ohentra, Former Drummer/Guitarist at Mortuus Sum and Former Drummer at W.E.B.
Join us in this interview as we will discuss with Nick about the first Obscure Chaos Zine's compilation as well as the bands he plays in and used to play in the past (Deviser, Gungnir, Dismal Chant, W.E.B. to name a few). We will also talk about the Greek black metal scene as Nick is a session/free-lance musician in Athens, Greece.
Special thanks to Earsplit PR, Relapse Records & Obscure Chaos Zine
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