Great to be aboard!!! I'm a Metal Collector from the Midwest USA...I run a "Weekly" Metal Show on my YouTube channel called "The Metal Inquisition"....would love for you all to check it's the newest episode put up just today!

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Big thanks to our dear friends at Metal Devastation Radio for sharing the Topeka Metal Fest event!
Enfold Darkness Headlining Topeka Metalfest Capital Invasion 7!
We are proud to bring you along with The Jayhawk Theatre The Topeka Metalfest Capital Invasion Part 7In addition to our annual MetalFest this will be a...
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On February 16th the first CD order of our debut album 'HELLENIC METAL' arrived. Over 53 minutes of PHALANX metal to listen to...
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As you can see, we are at #1 on the Local Metal chart and #1 on the National Metal chart on ReverbNation. .
We need your help to get us at the top of the Global Metal chart of ReverbNation. .
All you have to do is just to stream our music through RBN whenever you got some time ..

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Cant wait to start my show here on Metal Devistation radio!! Metal under the sea show!!
Official release date of our debut album 'HELLENIC METAL' is 26th of February. Get a taste at MDR by our soundcloud preview tracks!
Metal On
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8 months ago
...Never surrender..never retreat...even for the gods...WE NEVER KNEEL...Hellenic Metal! ...Hellenic Metal! ...Hellenic Metal! ...Hellenic fucking Metal!

PHALANX ends its release show 'Heavy Metal Noise' on June 30th 2018 with their track 'HELLENIC METAL', which got played first time live on stage, and got recorded by a true Phalangite whose name is Uli Lemke. Special thanks to Uli for sending us the material which was recorded with his mobile. The show was at the city Sindelfingen in Germany, in the youth culture center 'das SÜD'. The track 'HELLENIC METAL' can be found on our debut album release, go get your own CD ordering directly via email at or pm us on facebook. Also available as download at

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'El Bunker del Metal' from Argentina just released their 2017 compilation album featuring Bloodgod plus >50 other metal bands!
for free download details.
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Thanks to Metal Jacket Magazine for helping spread the word of our new album release on Swamp Metal Records! Check out the article here! Hails!!! \m/\m/

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