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We love to meet new people!
Drop us a line - and let us know what you love/hate about In Ruin!
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Love life
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Annika Torstensson
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A lovely blog with love to Chris Cornell! <3
Chris Cornell: A Final Goodbye to the Best Lyricist and Vocalist of a Generation

Chris Cornell: A Final Goodbye to the Best Lyricist and...

Rock and Roll has taken a beating in the last two or so years. We lost Lemmy, Prince, Bowie, and many more. These were legends, and it...


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Just getting started on this site. Love it!

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I know Tim of METHANE METAL - Great Guy!!!!! Everyone follow Methane, man, you are gonne love em!!!!!
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Since in on Friday evening have cranked the fucker up (even when walking the dog)! Keep it going - Kev UK 58 yrs - love it!!!!
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Woooo Woooo, ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Paralell Minds From France, I love these guys!!!!!
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~Never Ending~
#metal #music #ballad #love #death #despair #heavy

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Checkout Our Brand New Song "Never Ending"

#metal #music #ballad #love #death #despair
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Granted The Skye - What a smooth sound - Love, Peace and Pizza Grease!!! -
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watched this movie last night via netflix and i gotta tell you if you love metal like i do you need to watch it !
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Great to be aboard!!! I'm a Metal Collector from the Midwest USA...I run a "Weekly" Metal Show on my YouTube channel called "The Metal Inquisition"....would love for you all to check it's the newest episode put up just today!

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