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Black Hawk

BLACK HAWK – “Just Like In Paradise” – official single from the album „The End Of The World“

The second single of the German veterans BLACK HAWK - "Just Like In Paradise" was released on Soundcloud. The release date of the new BLACK HAWK album „The End Of the World“ on CD is May 19th, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on May 5th, 2017 in our webshop.

The German classic Metal band BLACK HAWK is back! 4 years after „A mighty Metal Axe“ a new album is ready! „The end of the world“ is as true teutonic Metal as you expect it from BLACK HAWK!

Original Heavy Metal which could have been done in 1987 is still the main subject of the band, but of course with an up to date freshness in all parts of the songs. Great melody lines beside heavy guitars and a superbe production will not need more comments. Try it and then you will buy it!

BLACK HAWK - "Just Like In Paradise" @ Soundcloud

German Black Hawk is one of those bands that could develop in the 80s and then gain fame, but fate turned out differently. Their debut album released only in 2005. Now, after 4 years of return of 6 album and "The End of the World" is a juicy piece of metal from the Teutonic character Udo, ACCEPT or Grave Digger. Though not lacking in the elements of the US heavy / power metal represented by Attacker. The bottom line is that Black Hawk blurs the bad impression left by the previous album entitled "A mighty metal ax."

The cover is typical for this team and basically does not arouse much interest, but fortunately the music is much more interesting. Even the wording of the rule of refined and made sure that it was hard and brawler. Wolfgang i Gunter are bending over backwards to their parties were vigorous, maturing in memory and played with flair. This was achieved at all, because the album is quite a lot of catchy melodies and themes. Maybe there's an ounce of originality, and often there are some common themes or melodies. For example, the " Killing for Religion " is a copy of "The Wrong Side of Midnight" Udo. Fast " Ruler of the Dark" is the railroad track that could safely be on the debut of Running Wild. Riff "What a World" is a bit like "East meet West" Warlock. In turn, speeding and predatory "Street of Terror" refers to the works of Attacker. Compositions that I mention are not bad, on the contrary, but they lack originality. Dark, epic, " The End of the World" is a composition very atmospheric and charming marching pace, and intriguing solos. " Scream in the Night " is a rip off, in turn, Paragon and the band somehow this does not hide. Sharply cut guitars and vocals specific Udo Bethke here are almost identical to Paragon. Hit " Legacy of Rock " is a mix of Battle Beast of Dio and, although there is no shortage of references to "To The Metal" Gamma Ray. Next we have the power metal "Just like in Paradise ," which sounds like tracing "Wastelands" Avantasia and "March of Time" Helloween. The whole is closed energetic "Dragonride ", which ideally is topped with this album, which is a lot of known motifs and melody.

There is no originality, no freshness, but it is very solid material, who remind us of some well-known tunes. Despite some flaws and so it is more interesting than the last album Black Hawk. Every fan of heavy / power metal should obczaić latest work of the Germans. Well worth it!

Udo Bethke – lead vocals
Wolfgang Tewes – guitars
Günny Kruse – guitars
Michael “Zottel” Wiekenberg – bass
Matthias Meßfeldt – drums

guest musicians:
Hanjo Gehrke – acustic guitars, guitarsolo on “Dancing with my Demons”, keyboards & backing vocals
Conny Bethke – backing vocals
Stefan Weise – backing vocals

25.11.17 Valencia - Paberse Club
28.10.17 Hamburg - Marias Ballroom
27.07.17 Brande Hörnerkirchen - Headbangers Open Air
08.07.17 Berlin - Rock On The Boat
20.05.17 Hamburg – Barrock

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