Titanium Monday March 27 2017, 5:31 AM

After the great success @ City Of Power festival 2016, the polish power metal band Titanium is preparing new surprises for its fans. In the meantime, the band would love to have a talk with some webzine all over the world, so here it is all you should know about them.

tanium is the young melodic heavy metal band from Poland.
The band was started by the guitarist and main composer Karol Mania, known for symphonic metal band Pathfinder as well. In 2010 Karol Mania and Filip Gruca , both former members of polish power metal Abigail got together and decided to create ass-kicking heavy metal at its best.
After Karol presented some of his new ideas there was no doubt;” there is a mission”! The band line-up was completed when they gained Rafał Matuszczak on bass guitar, original Abigal member as well.
On the second lead and rhythm guitar appeared legendary Jaroslav Bona who was back in the game after not so short break. All the band concentrated on rehearsals. They were practicing really hard day after day becoming better and better. When everything was almost ready to conquer the heavy metal world one thing had been left undone – finding a proper singer who would help the band to get out of the rehearsal room and reach the heavy metal audience. The moment in which many bands just give up, or they let the guitarist sing, there came the salvation; Maciej Wróblewski from the city of Łódź totally amazed by the band’s musical approach agreed to participate in the event called Titanium.
The next year 2011 passed by preparing for the album, putting all the stuff together, combining vocals with the music and so on. In the meantime Titanium did few gigs for the local audience being the headliner all the time. The band shared the stage with polish metal legends like Tsa, Kat and Wolf Spider and playing some charity gigs too.
It was autumn of 2012 , high time to record the debut album but first unexpectedly Rafał left the band and Titanium was looking for the replacement . Paweł Gębka has been found in september 2012 and became official member just month later. The line-up has been settled.
Having thoroughly prepared all the songs the band entered the local Studio Play in Ostrzeszów in november and started recording demo for 5 songs, which would appear on the debut album called simply "Titanium". Extremely satisfied with the sound the band started to work on 7 more song. Drums were recorded after 3 months and all the rhythm guitars and bass and vocals were ready until the end of August 2012. It was the time for doing backing vocals, solos, keyboards and all the electronic stuff which was carefully prepared by Karol Mania who also started mixing in spring.
When the album was almost ready the single “ We come to rock” surfaced in the internet. Being played by many radio stations and taking good response the song entered Radio Aspect rock charts on 24 place and after a week hit first place holding it for 9 weeks in a row.
Having the mix entirely done Titanium started looking for the label interested in band's promotion. After many tries there came a message from japanese Avalon/Marquee which released the album in may 2014.
Titanium have been called to play in the great polish festival "City Of Power" (Zgierz) in 2015 and 2016 thanks to their great power metal sound.

Konstantin Naumenko - Vocals
Karol Mania - Guitars, backing vocals
Jarek "Bondek" Bona - Guitars
Szymon "Saimon" Szydłowski - Bass
Filip Gruca - Drums

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