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"Classic Alien Invasion" our first eponymous album will be release on October 19th in all major digital outlets.

The track listing:
1. GaAaB
2. Alien Number One
3. Alienophobia
4. Mars Blast Waves
5. Cosmo Family Values
6. Classic Alien Invasion
7. Tractor Beam
8. Live Damage Special Edition
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Hey Folks,
Glad to share with you our second music video for the song Alienophobia

Happy new year!
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We are glad to announce that the new music video
for the song "Alienophobia" will be released December 28th.
In our own way with this new music video we wanted
to pay tribute to the music videos from the eighties and nineties
like Sacrifice by Motörhead. It is more aggressive than what
we've done for GaAaB but it contains a part of ironic humour...stay tuned...;)
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Hell Folks, want to win this 2017 Jackson RRX24?

1. Create a Kickstarter account here: https://www.kickstarter.com/signup?ref=nav
2. Visit the Classic Alien Invasion Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/120387…/classic-alien-invasion
3. Contribute
4. You will receive in the 24 hours your personal and unique link to share.
5. Share that link to as many people as you can. The person who generates the most contributions through referrals wins this huge Jackson guitar!

The contest starts Mon, March 27 2017, be on the track on time!

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Pick of Destiny day!
Everyone who contributes to our campaign TOMORROW (Sunday March 12) between 11:00am - 23:59pm CET will get a bonus set of 3 picks of Destiny! The alien is tenacious!

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Gently our crowdfunding is going on. Thanks to our first pledgers from Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Thanks to the webzines PowerOfMetal.dk, MetalGodsTV.com, Metal Corrosivo and ARTE Metal to have already reported the news.

Want more information about the campaign, drop a mail to classicalien@gmail.com I will answer your questions.

Still 223 copies to be ordered to succeed, the campaign continues!
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