Day Of Doom - Live Interview - The Zach Moonshine Show

Day Of Doom - Live Interview - The Zach Moonshine Show Friday November 16 2018, 9:00 PM

Rich Hervey from the death metal band Day Of Doom will be joining us for a live Q&A with fans and listeners on the show! To join us simply sign in to and click the listen live and chat live links!

Show starts at 9pm est and the interview will be around 10pm est

We will be playing some tracks from the band as well as a heavy dose of death metal as well as any requests and band submissions available.


Day Of Doom is:

Rich Hervey-Drums/Vocals
Doug Randazzo-Guitar/Vocals
Sam Lara-Bass/Vocals

Day Of Doom was born during the cold deadness of winter in 1999. The idea for the band was spawned in the twisted mind of drummer Rich Hervey; formerly of Sanguinary Carnage, Butchery, and Exuviate. Over the next few years, Hervey unleashed the beast upon the world with the help of multidimensional guitarist and bassist Ray Holmes, recording a slew of demos during that time. These demos were recorded, produced and distributed by Hervey in extremely limited quantities and they are considered a rare treasure in the underground New York Death Metal scene.

After a short hiatus, Rich was joined by former Butchery and Exuviate guitarist Doug Randazzo, who then added his brutal, melodic and dissonant flavor to the mix. Together, the two of them went on to write and record Day Of Doom's first full-length release, entitled "Night Of Horror" along with former Suffocation and Hate Eternal guitarist, Doug Cerrito. During the mixing of the album Doug Randazzo had to leave the Doom which led Hervey to forge ahead.
Over the next few years, Rich would try out a number of different musicians, yet none seemed to fit the bill, and in the end Rich would go on to write and record Day of Doom's second full-length effort entitled "Slaves To Insanity." Rich was then joined again by former Guitarist Doug Randazzo who would rejoin the band.

Doug and Rich continued to write and record material in the bowels of their underground studio, known affectionately as "The Doom Cave." It was around this time that Day Of Doom also welcomed the fiercely talented Bassist/Vocalist Sam Lara, making this a solid unit of musical destruction. This work led to the 2013 EP Version release of "The Gates Of Hell."

In January of 2014, Day of Doom signed a deal with Czechoslovakian record label Lavadome Productions, which led to the release of the full-length version of "The Gates Of Hell" on June 6th, 2014. The album, which has already received a fair share of positive reviews from several publications in the underground metal scene, contains an expressive whirlwind full of wicked riffs, destructive drums, pulverizing slams (played the way they were meant to be played), and mind-bending rhythms. This psychotic mix of twisted mayhem is topped off with otherworldly guitar solos. The original tracks, which were recorded between February and May of 2013, were remastered for the Lavadome release and the CD booklet contains all-new, astoundingly evil artwork by the tremendously talented Raul Gonzalez.

Over the years, Day Of Doom has played some brutal shows with acts including Suffocation, Deicide, Jungle Rot, Dehumanized, Pyrexia, Malignancy, Six Feet Under, Arkaik, and Broken Hope as well as several other awesome bands. The Doom is also preparing for some sick shows in the near future.

In July of 2014, Day Of Doom recruited former Corpsicle and Sanguinary Carnage guitarist, Michael Fairlie, adding a little more of the old school death metal/grindcore flavor to their molten musical mix of apocalyptic terror. The band is currently in the process of getting acquainted with their newest member (who played with Hervey in the early 90's during the beginnings of Sanguinary Carnage).Mike had to leave the band but we all are great friend's and wish him the very best.Lavadome will rerelease Night of Horror and Slaves to Insanity on once cd and it will be called The Second Coming .Slaves is rerecorded and has a unrelased track and will be out early 2016.Day of Doom are also working on their next full-length release, “Descent Of Humanity,” which is sure to twist your mind and swallow your soul.

There is no escape. Beware, for your doom is near!

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