THROANE - stream full EP "Une balle dans le pied" via No Clean Singing Tuesday October 6 2020, 12:00 AM
THROANE - stream full EP "Une balle dans le pied" via No Clean Singing

Today,  Debemur Morti Productions  is proud to announce the exclusive streaming of the EP " Une balle dans le pied"  by French avantgardist project  THROANE  via the renowned webzine  No Clean Singing . This sinister and unsettling sonic incarnation, which will be released on October 16th, masterfully demonstrates that "throughout all these riveting but chilling alterations in an aural kaleidoscope, the rhythms retain their punch and power" as Islander of No Clean Singing rightfully points out.

Despite exploring the language of rhythm with "Une balle dans le pied", Mastermind Dehn Sora - who is also an enigmatic graphic designer (ULVER, BLUT AUS NORD) - wants his art to be understood as intuitive and primal, and not as heavy headed:

"I don't think in terms of theory. There is space for thinking about arrangements, when the core and shape of the song are finished. But THROANE has always been built on a primal scream. THROANE's compositions can be seen as a journey. I have the path in mind, but there will be stops, there will be obstacles. The collapse can wait at every corner."

"Une balle dans le pied" will be released as a 7" vinyl/CD/Digital download unit, the whole encased in a hand-made screen-printed sleeve by Le 7e Oeil, allowing the listener to witness the song from two different perspectives. While the sole composition of over 13 minutes appears as a demanding and disturbing, yet linear journey into one's own fears, it has been cut into two pieces for the vinyl edition, as Dehn Sora explains:

"I'd say for the sake of the vinyl format, the song was cut into two pieces. But I really approached this EP as a single piece. And actually, the second part of the song was written before the first one. That scenario could also happen in reverse. I trashed quite a few compositions because I felt only one part was right."

“Une balle dans le pied“ was written, performed and recorded by Dehn Sora at the end of 2019. Julien T. who also plays the drums in live settings is responsible for recording the drums together with Francis Caste (KICKBACK, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, …) at the Studio Sainte-Marthe. Production and mixing were done by Tim De Gieter (AMENRA, …) at MuchLuv Studio, while famous Magnus Lindberg (CULT OF LUNA) took care of the mastering in Sweden.

The cover artwork – designed by Dehn Sora himself – depicts Sora's sister, in echo of previous releases featuring close individuals and the personally symbolic: “Working as a nurse in different services, her daily routine makes her face death, addicted personalities, terminally ill people. Walking through their homes, their souls. Walking on broken glass. But forced to get rid of it, at the end of every day. To stand still. And keep walking.”

Une balle dans le pied “ is now available to pre-order via the label’s  EU shop Bandcamp  and  US shop .

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