New Music: Winterhearth Motorbreath - Metallica Cover Saturday October 3 2020, 6:21 PM
New Music: Winterhearth Motorbreath - Metallica Cover

“It's heavy and dirty and mean…,” WinterheartH answered the call when K-Rock’s radio host JLaC asked Newfoundland locals to cover Metallica for his new project, In the Attic. Reviving one of Metallica’s cult classics “Motorbreath” off their 1982 demo No Life Til’ Leather and redone for the iconic full-length debut Kill ‘em All. As Andrew Marsh snarls out “it’s how I live my life…,” his desire to get back to gigs permeates to the core. The track gets a blackened metal makeover while staying true to the original with Brad Ivany laying down a ferocious performance behind the kit.   

Filmed at Elixir Lounge in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland and edited by Rick Tizzard. Coproduced by Cartermusic Presents. Mixed and mastered by Jay Wells. Song originally written by Metallica.

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Friday, October 2nd

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