Silence Equals Death New EP (Upstate Records Thursday October 1 2020, 12:00 AM
Silence Equals Death New EP (Upstate Records


Scott Earth - Vocals, Freddy Delacruz – Guitar, Wade Culleny – Guitar, Shawn Urscheler – Bass, Ryan Bertone – Drums

The Garden State's Silence Equals Death are positioned to release the "Revolution Rising" on November 13th through Upstate Records/Blood Blast Distribution  The New Jersey quintet have amassed a 6 song EP that is sure to signify the intense socio-political discord of present times.  


Wake up is it fact of fiction
Wake up cause the tide is rising
We won't be restrained
We won't be contained

                                    -Revolution Rising


"Revolution Rising" is the fifth studio release and does not stray from their signature mix of aggression and melody that strikes hard and true.  Silence Equals Death is known for their intense live shows and delivering a message that champions a strong sense of community and revolution against injustices and disparity.  


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FB: @silenceequalsdeath

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Twitter: @SEDnjhc


Check out their new video for the first single, "Switch"!!!

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