Canadian Progressive Death Skyless Aeons Streaming New Album "Drain The Sun" Thursday October 1 2020, 12:00 AM
Canadian Progressive Death Skyless Aeons Streaming New Album "Drain The Sun"

L-R: Stefan Oliva (Bass), Nicholas Luck (Guitars/Vocals), Nathan Ferreira (Lead Vocals), Martin Burchill (Drums)
Photo Credit: Skye Camara

Canada’s Skyless Aeons will be unleashing their new album "Drain The Sun" via CDN Records on October 2nd, 2020. Before the record officially drops, they have teamed with for its full stream HERE .

Meticulous and methodical, the writing process for  “Drain The Sun”  was roughly two years long to follow their debut EP  "The Era of Famine"  released in 2016. This new album adds more progressive, technical, and yet somehow more deliberate and doomy influences simultaneously, leading to a more progressive death metal sound.

The band comments on "Drain The Sun" :

"We are extremely excited to finally be releasing our first full-length “Drain the Sun”. On our previous EP four years ago, we were more focused on paying tribute to some of our favourite bands and getting every good idea we had onto a recording. With our new album, we wanted to create something that felt like a complete album from front to back. On “Drain the Sun” we have found our true sound, one that adds more from death, doom, and progressive metal to create a more atmospheric experience. Expect the same melodic turbulence and technical flourishes as before, with a darker, more dissonant approach all our own that we hope will bring in a variety of new extreme metal fans."

Album pre-order on CDN Records  here  (CD),  Bandcamp  (Digital)

Track Listing:
1. Ascension Towards Nothing (6:30)
2. A Consciousness Decays (7:09)
3. Go Forth and Multiply (3:19)
4. The Age of Regression (7:32)
5. Dimensional Entrapment (6:31)
6. Path of Desolation (6:15)
7. Drain The Sun (8:05)
Album Length: 45:23

More info:


Around 2014, guitarist Nicholas Luck and drummer Martin Burchill met as a result of an errant bus ride in London, Canada. At this time, Burchill was looking for a stable project after drumming in various rock/punk/metal bands over the last decade or so, and Luck, only 18 at the time, was looking to start a death metal band.

Vocalist Nathan Ferreira and bassist Steve Oliva followed shortly after and with a scathing collective disdain for the larger structures of society and a commitment to constant evolution in sound and ethos the band recorded and released the “Era of Famine” EP in 2016.

The band has already gained a reputation through local shows as one of the more unique and energetic death metal bands in the scene, opening up for artists such as Ashbringer, The Convalescence, Nesseria, and Killitorous – a wide variety of styles, yet somehow, Skyless Aeons shares musical similarities with all of them.

At a live show, one can expect certain synchronicity and chemistry that can only come from years of experience and practice feeding off of each other’s ideas. Couple that with vocalist Ferreira’s on-stage recklessness mixed with unusually sardonic and self-deprecating stage banter, and it’s no surprise that Skyless Aeons are gaining notoriety and drawing more and more people to their local performances as of late.

2020 brings a new album “Drain the Sun”; it takes a different approach, using much heavier and expansive riffing textures and shows refining and maturation of the band’s identity. It can best be described as “; progressive death metal” with some dissonant, doom-influenced leanings.

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