Varmia Signs Worldwide Deal with Extreme Management Group Monday September 28 2020, 8:30 PM
Varmia Signs Worldwide Deal with Extreme Management Group

Extreme Management Group (EMG), home to bands like Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Rings of Saturn, and more, has announced their partnership with Polish pagan black metal band Varmia.
Inspired by the ancient Baltic tribes, VARMIA keeps alive the heritage of the forgotten northern Poland's district Warmia. Their fusion of raw metallic primordiality and ethnic sounds of the Baltic Rites utilize traditional instruments such as tagelharpa, goat horn, a distinctive wooden tube, percussions, and the traditional ancient "whitevoice” way of clean singing.

VARMIA records all their musical rituals live in culturally significant remote locations, and, in turn, capture the raw power, ambiance, and vibe of these places. Many of the vocal recordings are done deep in the forests of Poland in order to capture the natural woodland reverberations of the region. VARMIA continues to expand its cultural influence worldwide with it's unique aesthetic ritual.

Now the band has signed with Extreme Management Group, and had the following to say about the partnering, “Time to spread the voice of Baltic tribes to the foreign soil! To do so we join our forces with Extreme Management Group. From now on we will be carving our way to the greater hordes together."  EMG said, "Varmia has done a ton of work getting themselves to this point. We intend to make that hard work count.” Anticipate big things to come from Varmia and Extreme Management Group.  

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Scott Eames
Extreme Management Group, Inc.
Phone: (660)676-9101

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