Reternity - "A Test Of Shadows" Black Sunset | Release: 25/09/2020 Friday September 25 2020, 5:39 AM
Reternity - "A Test Of Shadows" Black Sunset | Release: 25/09/2020

Just one year after the release of "Facing the Demon" in the Summer of 2019 and several successful club shows and festivals, the creative duo consisting of Stefan Zörner / Carsten Sauter present "A Test of Shadows", a worthy and stronger successor in every way!
Completed by Oskar Schmidt, Suat Gören and Dieter Schenk, the line-up has been strengthened to make of RETERNITY a live band and a constant presence in the studio. On "A Test Of Shadows", the band played out their strengths such as the multifaceted songwriting, packed in compact songs without unnecessary lengths, the melodic and expressive vocals of Zörner, as well as the powerful and original riffs of Sauter. With a musical spectrum ranging from homages to the Speed and Thrash scene of the blissful 80s to heavy and danceable mid-tempo hymns and neck-breakers, you can also find an impressive half-ballad ("A Grave Called Home") and the intimate piano number "Stranded" (which was created in collaboration with the jazz musician Aljoscha Crema).
A Test Of Shadows" was produced in cooperation with Jonas Kümmerle (Analog Mixing Studio), who once again proves his talent on the sound of this five-piece and ensured a powerful and modern production. Together with the band, he created an album that should quickly grow on the heart of every friend of melodic, varied metal.

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