GENTLE SAVAGE - "Sometimes Gentle and Sometimes Wild and Raw" - Welcome to the Savage Nest! Friday September 25 2020, 5:25 AM
GENTLE SAVAGE - "Sometimes Gentle and Sometimes Wild and Raw" - Welcome to the Savage Nest!

Finnish Rockers GENTLE SAVAGE, formed in 2013, talk about their band name and its meaning, welcoming you to the Savage nest!

Tornado, the band's songwriter and vocalist:
"What do you get when you combine ancient Karelian spells and the buzz and chaos of mega European cities? You get a magic potion with crazy opposites and a bold energy! When we were looking for a name to go by, these opposing forces were the bottom line behind finding the right name."

Lead vocalist Tornado came up with the name ’Gentle Savage’ by combining the two opposing concepts that describe their music: sometimes gentle and sometimes wild and raw.

GENTLE SAVAGE's songs typically have a wide range of dynamic changes. With a musical DNA twirling back to the earliest days of rock music, GENTLE SAVAGE purrs and roars with their unique style. Lyrics cover things from love to hate and pain to partying, without shame or apology.

"You can find these same streaks in every member of the band; one is more gentle whilst another is more savage. All living creatures have the same built-in setup; something raw, something softer. Even the most cruel predator protects their own when danger strikes. Be nice and I’ll be gentle, attack me and I’ll show you who's boss.

The message is clear: ’Treat yourself and let our magic in. We’ll take care of the rest’. Welcome to the Savage nest!"


Currently, GENTLE SAVAGE are busy working in the studio on their debut album, coming out February 2021! The third single, entitled ’Run Run Poor Boy’, will be unleashed on October 9th. It could be an independent sequel to the band’s previous work, like a narrative of what could have happened to the characters in the songs today. 

August 2020 – Seven years is a surprisingly short time – or can be considered a long time, depending on how you feel. The band has found a characteristic sound that they are honing more precisely, especially in live shows. The band is now in its final form – a five-member line-up. The first gigs are completed, a great performance at the Goat Hill Festival fresh in the memory. When the world returns to normal post-COVID-19, GENTLE SAVAGE will hit the stage more regularly.  

"It is all about the songs. And their internal message. That's the basic philosophy behind Gentle Savage." 


GENTLE SAVAGE's first single ’Karelian Magic’, released in April 2019, turned out to be a fairly personal love song with a universal theme; every man that loves a woman knows what it feels like to be under her spell. ’Karelian Magic’ was released with a music video directed by Saku Petteri Perintö from Lumifilms. The video is a modern fast paced brain twister. It was widely appraised around the world and also on YouTube. ‘Karelian Magic’ became the song the band is known for, however there’s more to Gentle Savage.  

’Treat yourself and let our magic in. We’ll take care of the rest’.

Watch 'Karelian Magic' video here:

Tornado Bearstone, songwriter, vocals and guitar
Jay B, drums and backing vocals
Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals
Tim O`Shore,  guitar and backing vocals
Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals

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