New Music: Somnus Throne by Burning World Records Thursday September 24 2020, 5:06 AM
New Music: Somnus Throne by Burning World Records

Burning World Records has been active since 2007. Mothership of Roadburn Records and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The label is run by Jurgen (also formerly of Roadburnfest). Burning World also has a big mailorder with mainly doom/stoner/black metal/drone/industrial vinyl.   

"Quick note to say the Somnus Throne album is now uploaded in full on the link below. If you like Sleep, Om , Electric Wizard, Monolord and the like (and who does not!) this one is for you. If you only check out one track please try Sadomancer, in my humble opinion that is the stand out track. All though the rest is not bad either!"

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