GRIDFAILURE: Scream Blast Repeat Hosts Stream Of Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals; EP To See Independent Release Friday Wednesday September 23 2020, 6:52 PM
GRIDFAILURE: Scream Blast Repeat Hosts Stream Of Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals; EP To See Independent Release Friday

As New York solo outfit  GRIDFAILURE  prepares to release  Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  this Friday, exploratory music outlet Scream Blast Repeat is now hosting the entire EP early.


Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  is a new EP created in home quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, which continues to spiral out of control as the record sees release. The seven new vocal-free movements were performed, recorded, and mixed by  GRIDFAILURE  experimenter David Brenner at The Compound in Valley Cottage, New York, mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Lost Dog Street Band, Thetan), and completed with cover photography by Lisa Haas and Brenner with manipulation and design by Brenner.


Scream Blast Repeat interrogates Brenner on the new EP's intent and creation over the past several months in an exclusive track-by-track feature that accompanies their exclusive advance stream of the EP. Marking the extreme/investigative site's maiden music premiere, the write-up states in part, "You can call this dark ambient, experimental, power noise - anything you want. Like Chinese torture,  GRIDFAILURE  is about subtlety and mental torment. It's a meditation on our impending doom. The Covid-19 menace continues its reign of social disruption and shows no signs of going away any time soon...  Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  is Brenner's attempt to make sense of the panic unfolding all around him in the only way he knows - to translate the distress into music."


Experience GRIDFAILURE's  Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  EP feature at Scream Blast Repeat  RIGHT HERE .


Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  will see independent release this Friday, September 25th through Bandcamp  HERE .


The demoralized recordings on  Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  sees  GRIDFAILURE  creator David Brenner handling all performance, design, and mixing aspects. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, several types each of synth/keys and digital drum/percussion setups, acoustic percussion, effects, field recordings, and more are performed in a layered but minimalistic dark ambient/industrial approach. Without a fraction of hope or light to be found, the record breathes the panic and confusion of living in the epicenter of the pandemic in its onset, the angst and consuming depression the ongoing crisis bears, and the fear and disillusion of what's still to come from a failed and corrupt dystopian-edged government. Heavy, offset biomech beats parallel sorrowful bass flows, pensive soundscapes auras, and unstable guitar and synth/keys dirges. A paranoid-stricken sense of ultimate demoralization is the outcome.


The fourth record from the  GRIDFAILURE  compound in 2020,  Epicenter MMXX: Quarantine Instrumentals  will be followed by additional recordings before the end of the year, as  collaborative albums with Mac Gollehon (Duran Duran, Onyx, Miles Davis, Blondie), Megalophobe, Tovarish, Fyrhtu, Pornohelmut, Interstitia, Rack, and more as well as a plethora of other albums are currently under construction.


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