Highfront - Psychotic Bliss - Featured On Mayhem Radio! Sunday September 20 2020, 3:47 PM
Highfront - Psychotic Bliss - Featured On Mayhem Radio!

Here is the Mayhem Radio Playlist for this week

Show: Mayhem Radio Fully Loaded 20/9/20
Presenter: Gari
Link: https://www.mixcloud.com/Mayhemradio/mayhem-radio-fully-loaded-20920/


Amaranthe - Archangel
The Waymaker - Kingdom of Heaven
Netherblade -Reborn
Heathen - Sun In My Hand
Carcass - The Long And Winding Bier Road
Benediction - Stormcrow
Pallbearer - The Quicksand of Existing
Mos Generator - I Spoke To Death
Highfront - Psychotic Bliss
Monsterworks - Harness The Engine
Liquid Therapy - Scars
Armoured Saint - Standing On The Shoulders of Giants
Draconian - Moon Over Sabaoth
Lord of the Lost vs Swiss & Die Andern - Schwarz Tot Gold
Stone Sour - zzyxz Road
Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God
Black Stone Cherry - Ringin' In My Head
Burning Witches - Circle Of Five
Ward XVI - Mister Babadook
Serum 114 - Meine Band
Metallica - No Leaf Clover (live)
Machine Head - Halo (live)
Alter Bridge - My Champion (live)
Slipknot - Before I Forget (live)
Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (live)
Everclear - All F**ked Up

HIGHFRONT is a Heavy Hard Rock band from Ottawa, Canada!

The sound of the band is rooted in a heavy hard rock sound and the four members of HIGHFRONT bring a wide range of influences and many years of experience that the band hopes will help them branch out while remaining true to a straight up, heavy rock n roll sound.

Formed Septemer 2019 and in January 2020 the band welcomed Cameron Farrell as a new member.

• Adam Loback Guitar / Vocals (ex Hellbound and A Darker Day)
• Corey Zadorozny Drums ( ex Sam Roberts Band and Wicked Mercy)
• JC Croizet Bass ( ex Antix and Anthem )
• Cameron Farrell Guitar ( His first band! )


• Dr.Bones of New Music Saturday on the song 'Vicious'
"Man, right f-ing on! What a bad ass tune and I tell you when I first listened, 30 seconds and I was in ... a good solid influence by Slipknot and then they nail it! This is a great tune, hands down!"

• Sleeping Village Metal Reviews on the song 'Vicious'
"If that ain't a throat-grabbin' riff right outta the gate, I dunno what is."

• The Sound Chick on the song 'Through Pain We Dine'
"What is enjoyable to hear in "Through Pain We Dine," is how raw it sounds. This particular sound fuels the emotions of the lyrics for this song. It brings back the roots of hard rock music, and it works perfectly."
• DTF MEDIA on the song 'Through Pain We Dine'
"Through Pain We Dine’ is a rifftastic, no holds barred, vein popper of a track. If you’re in the market for a cathartic shout-along this might just be what you’re looking for." And we say, Thank You!!! With catchy riffs and beat that makes you move your body, we're enjoying the HIGHFRONT track 'Through Pain We Dine'. Adams' vocals are so impassioned + raw when he lets loose on the chorus."


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The EP is available for purchase here:

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