SAINTS OF DEATH Protest Earth's Destruction From Corporate Greed In Lyric Video "Watching Me Die" Thursday September 17 2020, 12:00 AM
SAINTS OF DEATH Protest Earth's Destruction From Corporate Greed In Lyric Video "Watching Me Die"

L-R – Juan Helluva – 5 String Bass/Backup Vocals, Ashley Blue – 6 String Guitar/Backup Vocals,
Twan Holliday – Vocals/8 String Bass, Christopher James – Drums

Unleashing their new album  “Ascend To The Throne”  this past July  via  Head Rattle Productions INC . , Vancouver's  Saints of Death  are sharing with fans their new lyric video for the track  "Watching Me Die" . The song is about  the destruction of the Earth by corporate greed.

"Watching You, Me, humanity, and Mother Earth die to the hands of unjust corporations and tyrannical governments."  adds the band.

For fans of Pantera, DevilDriver, and Arch Enemy, you can check out   Saints of Death's   new lyric video with its double bassist assault via its premiere on  TheCirclePit  HERE .

Saints of Death
's new album  “Ascend To The Throne”  is a 7 track ripping and cohesive released and the second in the  Saints of Death  repertoire following the 2015 self-titled EP. With a different lineup than the debut effort,  Saints of Death  now boasts a more robust group that is tighter, more aggressive, and more melodic than ever before along with still featuring their signature sound of having two bassists. 

The band comments:

"This album has been a long time coming, and we look forward to getting it into the ears of our fans, new and old alike. After dealing with line up issues for a few years, we finally have a solid line up and are back to kicking ass. The current line up has been together since 2018 and we have really gelled as friends and as band members. Naturally, with this kind of chemistry going on, it was finally time to record a new album.

Like the first EP, there is diversity between each song, allowing each of them to stand out as hard-hitting singles. There is also the consistency that allows the songs to come together as a great album. We talk about important topics such as the trials of society, corruption and corporate greed, mental health as well as a few other topics on this album. Saints put a lot of hard work and passion crafting this album and making it what it is and we're excited to share it with the world!"

"Ascend To The Throne"  is available on  Bandcamp ,   Spotify Apple Music .

Music Video “You Can't Run”  HERE .
Music Video “Repentance”  HERE .
Lyric Video “Ascend To The Throne”  HERE .
Lyric Video 
God Can't Help You ”  HERE .
Lyric Video 
Soldiers of Metal ”  HERE .

Fun Fact: Besides being a musician vocalist/bassist Twan Holliday has acting credits for movies American Mary (2012), The Devils Ground (2009) w/ Darryl Hanna, Stan Helsing (2009) (Leslie Neielson’s last movie), Catwoman (2004) w/ Halle Barry, Psych (TV Show) plus has done stunts on Super Natural (TV Show) and Pathfinder (2007). Twan was also a pro-hard-core wrestler of 10 years and was on TV every Saturday at 1 pm on KVOS TV12 (Bellingham, WA) plus was asked to train for WWE.  

Track Listing:
1. Call of The Kings (1:45)
2. Ascend To The Throne (3:42)
3. Watching Me Die (2:51)
4. God Can’t Help You Now (3:44)
5. Repentance (5:13)
6. You Can’t Run (2:55)
7. Soldiers of Metal (5:56)
Album Length: 26:10

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