Scordatura - Mass Failure [Incendiary Scottish Death Metal on Gore House Productions] Thursday September 17 2020, 5:24 AM
Scordatura - Mass Failure [Incendiary Scottish Death Metal on Gore House Productions]

Beneath burnt orange skies, swamped with thick, grey clouds that move sluggishly across the firmament, propelled by the tired, breathless winds, the remnants of a race crawl amongst the irradiated filth. Against a backdrop of ruin they eke out a pale imitation of existence, a tiny pocket of broken life in a global landscape of perfect death. They are the last whispered words of humanity, a mockery of pride and assertions of supremacy. The final chapter in a grand story of drama and endeavour that was always doomed to end in complete and utter abject failure...

Birthed from these imaginings of our inevitable demise, Scordatura present their third full length album, the eruption of violence and insatiable savagery that is Mass Failure. Nine songs of frantic, deranged death metal, seething with rage, like an inexorable river of molten lava consuming all in its path and turning flesh to ash with a touch. The precision riffs deftly dissect while the drums are a wild barrage of brutality beneath and the inhuman vocals vomit out tales of destruction and proclamations of the end. Combining old school muscle and song craft with an intensity of execution to rival the heaviest of today’s exponents of ultra brutality, Scordatura are a death metal fan’s blood splattered dream and Mass Failure is their perfect crimson nightmare. ‘Skin Trophy’ is a wet, freshly flayed horror, infused with agony, ‘Mass Failure’ the sound of grinding bones and holocaust winds, ‘Collapse Of Humanity’ a juddering, breakneck bullet train ride to ruin. With Mass Failure Scordatura have captured the essence of death metal with a genre defining release; they have hacked away the limbs of expansion and experimentation and delved deep into the black heart of this most ferocious of musical beasts.

Thirteen years of wading through blood and gore, of vicious on stage collaborations with the likes of Defeated Sanity, Blood Red Throne and Nile and revered albums like Self Created’s all lead up to this.  On September 25th Gore House Productions will unleash the killing machine that is Mass Failure and Scordatura will commence their assault on the upper echelons of the death metal hierarchy. Prepare yourselves for unadulterated carnage...


Daryl Boyce - Vocals
Derek Wright - Bass
Owen McKendrick - Guitar
Tam Moran - Drums

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Malevolent Creation | Dying Fetus | Aborted

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