BraveWords’  new online experience,  Streaming For Vengeance , continues with Here's To The Ones - an Every Mother's Nightmare documentary, and band Q&A, broadcasting live on Saturday, September 27th at 3:33 PM Eastern.

You can watch this live stream on the  BraveWords Facebook page .

Here's To The Ones - A Documentary , is a tell all story in the making of the latest album,  Resurrect The Faithful , by the American hard rock band  Every Mother's Nightmare . Written by Bill Chavis, directed by Nick Hein and Bill Chavis,  Here's To The Ones - A Documentary , is a project developed by  HVM Entertainment  in 2020 showing the behind the scenes look at the creation process of the band's most pivotal album of their career.

Filmed on location at  Supernova Sound Memphis  in Tennessee, the film shows the band discussing their demo, writing and recording processes for the new material, as well as who and what  EMN  is as a band today. Quotes Bill Chavis, "Over the past five years, I’ve had the honor to establish a true friendship with Rick Ruhl and have a tremendous respect for him. I've learned where he's been, how he got there, how he fought back to save himself, his band, and his career. I was awestruck by his simple approach towards life, his industry experiences and in a way that has now inspired me in making some of my own decisions. The man is a true talent, a rock star and smarter than he will ever let on. No one knew what to expect when we signed our record deal but as a team we have set goals and conquered them. I have had the privilege of watching EMN roar back to life and here we are right now at this point in time. Resurrect The Faithful is by far the best album from EMN." 

Plans for release include a Roku release, a stand-alone DVD version packed full of additional footage, and never scene before live performances just in time for the holiday season.

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Every Mother's Nightmare  was formed in 1987 by lead singer  Rick Ruhl  and guitarist Steve Malone, Arista's  Clive Davis  came to Memphis to see them perform. When the act with whom they were playing refused to let  Every Mother's Nightmare  use their lighting or sound equipment, they instead auditioned for Davis in a warehouse studio and impressed him enough to be signed a week later. Although metal had begun to run its course by the time they issued their self-titled debut in 1990, Arista pushed the band hard and  "Love Can Make You Blind"  received enough attention to give  Every Mother's Nightmare  a hit. It was sufficient enough to keep the label in the band's corner, including enlisting hitmaker  Kevin Elson  to produce the follow-up.

However, by the time  Wake Up Screaming  was released in 1993, the band found that musical tastes had shifted so that it failed to meet label expectations. Although the third album was ahead of its time and very much in the vein of alternative southern hard rock, the label had no idea what to do with it. Dropped by  Arista , the band underwent numerous lineup changes over the next several years. In 2000,  Ruhl  returned with a new incarnation of  Every Mother's Nightmare  releasing  Smokin' Delta Voodoo  and releasing additional albums over the next several years. In 2016,  Ruhl  reached a new record deal with the independent label  HighVolMusic HVM  released the full-length version of  Grind  on CD and vinyl plus reissued remastered versions of the highly sought after  Backtraxx  and  Smokin' Delta Voodoo  albums. By 2019,  Ruhl  had solidified the now longtime lineup of vocalist  Rick Ruhl, bassist Troy Fleming, guitarists John Guttery and Travis 'Gunner' Butler, and drummer Allan Bone


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