Ironstone: Australian Progressive Metal Band Release New Video/Single Hollow Tuesday September 15 2020, 12:00 AM
Ironstone: Australian Progressive Metal Band Release New Video/Single Hollow

Australian Progressive Metal Band IRONSTONE releases Hollow. They state:
“We’re thrilled to present 'Hollow’, the third single from our debut EP, Prophecy. The song addresses one of the largest challenges facing our generation today... the state of the Earth’s ecology. This topic evokes a range of emotions, from anger and despair through to disbelief and sadness. Despite this, Hollow is about hope and the part we need to play in affecting our future for the better."

Hollow’s lyrics caution against a path of ongoing greed and excess and cynically invite the listener to ‘gorge upon the bounty’ without considering anyone else or the consequences of their actions, giving a healthy dose of clarity in a reverse psychology package.

Hollow has a sound that is as nuanced as the message it delivers. The guitars while conveying frustration and rage are offset by carefully placed ambient elements. The whole song fluctuates between bursts of percussive, aggressive guitar, technical drumming and beautiful melodies that overflow with emotional tension. All of this culminates in a big build-up and pay-off to help drive the message home!

The video for Hollow features orange and blue lighting, giving it a jarring, dramatic theme. Individual shots are complemented by graphics, glitches, and symbols, giving the clip a frantic atmosphere that helps to convey a feeling of urgency.
Hollow was mixed and mastered by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios, Melbourne.
Dan Charlton - Lead Vocals
Edward Warren - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aidan Kalms - Rhythm Guitar
Oliver Hosking - Bass Guitar
Jackson Whyte - Drums, Vocals

IRONSTONE is a progressive metal band from Bendigo, Australia. With influences coming from a range of modern metal genres, their music features the duality of clean and distorted vocals, djent driven riffs and breakdowns, atmospheric layers and catchy choruses. The result is a contemporary metal sound that is sophisticated, melodic and hard-hitting.

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