Luna 13 'Dark Horse' Video Featured In Pete's Rock News And Views! Saturday September 12 2020, 6:59 PM
Luna 13 'Dark Horse' Video Featured In Pete's Rock News And Views!

Luna 13's 'Dark Horse' Video Featured In Pete's Rock News And Views! Go here to this link and check it out!

LUNA13 tells Q Anon and Christianity “Don’t point pedophilia at Witches and Satanists, you do these things”

LUNA13 wants Q Anon and Christians to know that when it comes to pedophilia, Witches and Satanists have the moral right and strongly oppose child abuse of any kind. Dr Luna of LUNA13 (Left Hand Path-Witches) says “There has been a powerful surge of positive energy among those on darker paths and I am not going to watch all that hard work go to the wayside so a new group of highly delusional cults try to take our work away from us. Also these groups and cults do exactly what they accuse satanists and witches of doing. If us witches heard of someone in our coven molesting children they would be removed if not destroyed.”

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Q Anon is a ‘deep state’ Christian cult that accuses Hollywood celebrities of joining Satanists as they abduct children and eat them to stay young and to stay in the limelight. They go as far to say that Laurel Canyon is the abode of the Illuminati and it is here that Satanists do these ghastly rituals. LUNA13 states that not only do they live in Laurel Canyon, no one here eats babies! Here is Dr Luna’ s quote from Facebook while posting a picture of LUNA13 with comedian Richard Lewis in Laurel Canyon.  “LUNA13 lives in Laurel Canyon, the supposed hub of the Illuminati. We are surrounded by the celebrities that live here. Richard Lewis was my neighbor and we went to all the crazy parties here. P Diddy lives behind me, Marilyn Manson on the street next to me, Otep down the street Katy Perry, Die Antwoord, Beyoncé and on and on. I have lived in my house for 10 years. NO ONE IS EATING BABIES! First hand info here......NO one is eating babies!!”


LUNA13 took advantage of the child sex allegations against Hollywood Witches and Satanists and those into the occult that "Christians love pedophilia.”  “The proof is that 17,500 children were molested by Christian priests in 2019 alone, no conspiracy needed, just facts.” Dr Luna says.

Child abuse is directly forbidden in all form of Witchcraft and ‘‘The Church of Satan” and “The Satanic Temple”, strongly forbids it. "Christians however have been abusing children for centuries. They own this."
"Many of the people coming to the defense of Q Anon and Christianity ecry the horrors of moral relativism but then equivocate when one of their own gets caught hosting a child trafficking ring," says Dr Luna from LUNA13 . "Many of the comments we see from Christians even take the allegations as a given and excuse his behavior through the teachings of the Bible."

The Old and New Testaments do have instances of men marrying and bedding women who were likely underage, as Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler pointed out while defending Christianity. "Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist," said Ziegler. Mary was just a teenager when she married the much older Joseph, though they didn't have marital relations.


The Christian Bible has a lot to say about sexual immorality, but never directly addresses pedophilia. Numbers 31 has Moses command soldiers following a war to kill all men and older women, but to keep the female children alive, as captives, though not for sexual purposes.
"But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves," verse 18 reads.

Dr Luna used to have ‘Terrible Bible Tuesday’s’ on Facebook where he would directly quote the Bible to show how it supports beating slaves, killing women and incest.

Again, I am not going to be silent and let these conspiracy Christian morons ‘Q Anon’ point the finger at those into witchcraft, dark arts and satanism when we have done a marvelous job of focusing on consciousness and bringing up cultural topics that matter. Our next release GOD.DIS out 11/13/20 on COP International is loaded with conspiracy horror, darkness and violence yet the subject stays exactly where it belongs, in art.


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