BANGLADEAFY: Decibel Magazine Premieres "Lifeforms" From NYC Avant-Metal Duo; Housefly Album Nears September Release Through Nefarious Industries Monday August 31 2020, 12:00 AM
BANGLADEAFY: Decibel Magazine Premieres "Lifeforms" From NYC Avant-Metal Duo; Housefly Album Nears September Release Through Nefarious Industries

Stream BANGLADEAFY's "Lifeforms"  HERE .


New York City hyper-avant metal duo  BANGLADEAFY  presents the new single "Lifeforms," as the release of their new  Housefly  full-length grows ever closer through Nefarious Industries. Decibel Magazine is hosting the exclusive advance stream of the new track.


Marking a development in the band's philosophy and approach to songwriting, particularly in the vocal department,  Housefly  embraces more personal lyricism and an uncharacteristically up-front vocal presence. In 2020,  BANGLADEAFY  have freed themselves of all expectation and restraint - now, anything goes. With the d rums recorded and mixed by Mike Gatto of Gatto Records,  Housefly  was e ngineered, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Vergara of Pancake Studios, and completed with artwork by Bryan Elkins.


With the "Lifeforms" premiere,  BANGLADEAFY 's Jon Ehlers reveals, " Musically, this song was an experiment in chromatic movements. I was trying to compose a Shepard tone type thing but ended up with something different. Lyrically, this song addresses the notion about our existence being a phenomenon in our immediate universe. Yet, we're dismantling our own natural existence despite being provided the tools to be fantastic life forms. We have more control over our fate than we give ourselves credit for, but we continue on this path of self-destruction. Let it motivate or discourage you."


Decibel writes, "Check out 'Lifeforms,' a new track from  Housefly  that filters the band's ear for riffy, off-the-wall compositions through Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and Devo. It has both a cinematic and tribal feeling..."


Hear BANGLADEAFY's "Lifeforms" early via Decibel Magazine at  THIS LOCATION .


Nefarious Industries will release  Housefly  on all digital platforms on September 18th. Find preorders at the label shop  HERE  and Bandcamp where  "Harvest" is playing  HERE .


The limitless and ever-evolving duo  BANGLADEAFY  - drummer  Atif Haq and bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers - comes slamming back with a new beast.  Housefly  brings you thirteen anxiety-ridden compositions performed live on hardware synths, sample pads, and acoustic drums, and entirely abandons the electric bass acrobatics the tag team has become known for. Inspired by the human manipulation of electronic sounds,  Housefly  sees  BANGLADEAFY  revisiting influences of their youth such as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and Devo.


Watch for several official videos and more on  BANGLADEAFY 's  Housefly  to be issued over the weeks ahead.



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