Gernotshagen - Ode Naturae - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem Saturday August 29 2020, 6:11 PM
Gernotshagen - Ode Naturae - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem

Release date: July 24, 2020

Other releases of the band: here we have their fourth album. There is also a demo, a video and a split video.

How did I get to know the band: Maybe I heard a song or two by them on Metal Only or on another internet radio station, but nothing stuck. I knew the name when Metal Devastation Radio approached me and suggested that I review the album. I had to start working there if they were heard even in the USA.

How do I like the record: Not bad, you can definitely listen to what we're doing now:

ERWACHEN opens the album with the twittering of birds and a calm melody on a keyboard or synth. In addition, every now and then there is the roar of a deer and the clash of two antlers. Sounds pretty good so far, nice and atmospheric.

EIBENGANG connects directly to the intro, but here the normal instruments come into play, even if the key group also plays an important role here. A quite melodic track with a few changes in tempo, where good growls and screams alternate with epic, clear vocals. I don't like the quiet passages here, but still a useful song.

EISENWALD really starts right away. A fast-paced mid-tempo song that takes no prisoners. There are quieter passages, but here with these growls that fit in better here. The buttons are also used more discreetly here. I think I'll keep the song in my rotation.

BLUT FÜR DIE MEUTE starts with a nice military rhythm on the drums, which I always like. The keyboard is placed underneath before the guitars are added. After this rather long intro, the song starts to drift. A little later, the keys provide epic moments, but I remember the drumfire of the drums and the driving rhythm.

FAHLE WEGE begins with assault rifle-like drums and goes on. Even if the drums are up to speed, the rest of the song stays rather calm. In places the bass sounds very interesting, but apart from the compositional peculiarities the song doesn't give me much, so on to the next one.

To begin with, CYCLE DEATH gives us the sound of the sea and an organ. After this very long intro, the song moves on with measured pace. After about halfway, he accelerates a little, but it still seems to me that there is more to it. Somehow the energy is being held back. Here, too, the vocals alternate between screaming, growls and clear vocals and it sounds better here.

WILDERNESS is really picking up speed again. Although the high tempo is not maintained the whole time, it is still a very passable track. But not quite mine.

TRANSZENDENZ ends the album with a really long piece. Here the drums and the keyboard open with a mystical melody. The guitars join them before the vocals join in and whisper hoarsely and menacingly. Later they gain more strength and scream out hatred. In places the song reminds me of old pieces from Samsa's dream, especially during the spoken passage. A fitting end to the album

Conclusion: A very decent album, but apart from the third song it doesn't give me anything. It will surely find its listeners too, I tend not to belong to them. Anyone who likes German Black with pagan paintwork and good keyboard / synth passages could be happy with it. - Review by Full Metal Mayhem

Here you can get an idea of ​​it:

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