Jörgen Sandström of GRAVE on INTO THE DARKNESS Wednesday August 26 2020, 6:08 PM
Jörgen Sandström of GRAVE on INTO THE DARKNESS

Jörgen Sandström is a founding member of the Swedish death metal band GRAVE. He was the band’s long-standing Guitarist/Vocalist that played on the classic albums 'Into The Grave’,  'You Will Never See' , and ‘Souless’. From there Jörgen involved himself with other Swedish pioneers such as Entombed and Candlemass. With his body of work extending across numerous styles from The Project Hate MCMXCIX to Krux, it’s Jörgen’s Death Metal résumé that interest us most… one that includes time spent in Putrefaction, Death Breath, Murder Squad, Torture Division, and more, making him the perfect guest to join us INTO THE DARKNESS.

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