Wintereve - “October Dark” - Reviewed By Wednesday August 26 2020, 5:27 AM
Wintereve - “October Dark” - Reviewed By

The French Gothic Doom band WINTEREVE is releasing their second album, “October Dark”, after the EP Première Danse Macabre (2014) and the debut “This Winter Will Never End” (2017). With the first sounds of the opener “Olima” you are immediately ensnared with its melancholy sad side and immerse yourself in the music world of the 2000s, where WINTEREVE seem to have many influences. With this good start you also get to know the multi-faceted singing of singer Mary, who receives a bit of male, growlish support, but basically forms the dominant voice on the eight pieces. Unfortunately, the quality of the following two tracks goes downhill before another good track can be heard with the title track. Unfortunately, the rest just splashes around in my ears, so that the album doesn't make it overall,

So in the end the album remains solid Gothic Doom Metal in the style of the 2000s, which did not grip me emotionally in comparison to other bands of the genre, but still brought back interesting memories of the time around 20 years ago when Gothic Metal had many good ones Produced bands. (eller)

“October Dark”
(Gothic Doom Metal)

Rating: OK

Release: April 25, 2020

Label: in-  house production

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