SEPULCHRAL VOICE launches playthrough for "Killer Instinct"! Tuesday August 25 2020, 3:51 PM
SEPULCHRAL VOICE launches playthrough for "Killer Instinct"!

The SEPULCHRAL VOICE miners participated in the 3rd Edition of Metal with Potato Stay Home Festival last August 21st and on that occasion presented for the first time their 'playthrough' video of one of the most killer tracks on the debut album   "Evil Never Rests " , the potent "Killer Instinct" , with the whole band recording in collab format due to the social distance. After the festival screening, the band made it available to all fans of good old Death / Thrash Metal Old School on their YouTube channel!

Check out the "Killer Instinc t " Playthrough at:

"Evil Never Rests " , the miners' debut album, is now available digitally on traditional streaming platforms and also in CD Slipcase format with sticker and poster via Dies Irae Records .

The link to purchase “Evil Never Rests” on CD Slipcase directly from the label is:

Check out the Lyric Video of the first single “Evil Never Sleeps” at:

“Evil Never Rests” was recorded and produced by André Cabelo (Chakal), at Engenho Studio and contains 10 powerful tracks from the purest, violent, visceral and aggressive Death / Thrash Metal from Minas Gerais, bringing all the harshness and brutality of the 80s back to the place that should never have left!

The track titles for “Evil Never Rests” are:

Existence In The Void
Evil Never Sleeps
Killer Instinct
Infernal Pain
In The Storm
Fallen Spirit
Blood Sacrifice
Conjuration Of Zumbies
Unreal World
Cold Var

Cover by Marcelo Bessoni
Recording, production and sound engineering by André Cabelo


In Storm (Demo) (1988)
Explored And Ignorant Vision (Demo) (1988)
Uncontrollable Change (Demo) (1989)
Unreal World (Demo) (1991)
Sepulchral Voice (EP) (2017)
Evil Never Rests (Album) (2020)


Harley Senra - Vocal
Luiz Sepulchral - Guitar
Ronaldo Ron Seth - Guitar
Pepê Salomão - Bass
Lélio Gustavo - Drums

Listen to Sepulchral Voice at:

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