New message from Transcending Obscurity Records Tuesday August 18 2020, 12:00 AM
New message from Transcending Obscurity Records

Hey everyone! We're pleased to announce pre-orders for one of our experimental bands now, this one being from UK/Serbia and blending black metal, ambient and a bit of noise too. I understand that not everyone will like MRTVI's music but at least it smashes conventions and does something out of the ordinary - you need that once a while. With this release, we've also announced girlies! Do let us know if you'd like to see this merch for any of our older releases too! Btw, from our next release of SUBTERRAEN, you'll see coffin-shaped wooden box sets replacing our traditional hardcover ones. We're doing our very best and hope that we don't go broke in the process!

Btw, JUPITERIAN LPs are due just before the release date and I'm sure they'll be killer! Check them out if you haven't yet!

Thanks so much and cheers!
Kunal C. (label owner)

PS: LIVE BURIAL LPs are almost sold out so don't wait too long!

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