Metallica announces the second round of Covid-19 relief donations Wednesday July 22 2020, 5:14 AM
Metallica announces the second round of Covid-19 relief donations

Metallica, the metal legends, has been among the relief funds drivers to help curb Covid-19 pandemic since it first featured, and it has done it yet again.

Whom Will the Metallica Second Round of Covid-19 Relief Funds Assist

Metallica has recently announced the second round of its Covid-19 relief funds. The announcements were made via the band's foundation by the name all within my hands. This fund will total to over 295 thousand dollars that will be given to assist over five organizations . Before this donation, the band had given the first relief fund totaling 350 thousand dollars to assist organizations back in April of this year 2020. The second round of relief funds is likely to go to the following companies and assist them in mismanaging Covid-19 pandemic.

Feeding America

Feeding America is an organization that helps in the charity or relief food delivery service to the poor and less fortunate in society. It is among the most popular causes during this time of Covid-19. The organization has been at the forefront to help Americans service their population with free and charity foods, especially those who can no longer afford their basic needs. Thus, Metallica found it vital to finance this organization in its second round of Covid-19 relief donations.

Direct Relief

This organization works closely with the public health officers and other organizations to offer personal protective equipment to the health workers. Therefore, the second fund released by Metallica will assist them in ensuring that they deliver adequate PPEs.

Crew Nation

Crew nation is a global relief fund organization given to the lie music crews to help them in upkeep. Today, live music performance is no longer available due to social distance and other avoidance of gatherings. Therefore, this fund that has been given out by Metallica will be vital in boosting the crew nation to offer basic needs to live music crews who are not able to afford their livelihoods today.

Border Emergency Assistant Programs

This fund was also offered to assist in protecting the borders of the United States and their general resolve. In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the United States has closed its borders, and people are not allowed to get in and out.  The facilitation of this activity requires funds hence the need to give the organization a portion of the Metallica second relief funds.


MusiCares, just like the other four organizations funded by the Metallica band, is a charity organization that funds and cares for the music personalities in the country. The organization has been able to provide health and financial assistance to the music individuals during this pandemic. 

Therefore, Metallica found it excellent and worthy of including them in the second package to help reach out to the musicians who are in dire need of upkeep and financial stability in this crisis.


Metallica family has been one of the most generous bands in the country and has supported other charity organizations via all with my hand's charity foundation. The band has always chipped in giving the first donation in April and another one just being announced in July. With this support, the name has proved its solidarity with the Americans and other people globally during hard times such as this.

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