Путь (PUT') to reissue classic debut album thru ANTIQ Wednesday July 15 2020, 5:58 AM
Путь (PUT') to reissue classic debut album thru ANTIQ

On August 15th, Antiq is proud to present the classic debut album of Путь (Put'), The Songs of the Death, on digipack CD format.

Путь (pronounced “Put”) translates as “Path,” or "Pathway," in Russian. It is also the name of a band from Pskov, Russian Federation, who started as a one-man project in 2013 and expanded to a full lineup in 2017. The year after, Путь recorded and released digitally and on Youtube their acclaimed debut album, Песни Смерти (English: "The Songs of the Death"), and then released it on CD via Depths of Void in 2019. Following the digital release, around 600,000 views made the album one of that year's biggest successes for a black metal album. The reason? The cover artwork, the music, and the immersive and cold-though-poetic universe.

Long sold-out, Путь's The Songs of the Death is now available again, and for the first time with full lyrics in Russian and also their translation in English, provided by a professional. The Songs of the Death is an epic album of atmospheric black metal, with the unusual-yet-outstanding integration of an accordion, which subsequently earned the band an endorsement by Weltmeister Akkordeon Manufaktur. With their characteristic style of alternatingly raging/atmospheric pieces with accordion slow-downs, Путь have actually managed to create a new musical style all their own. Now it is time that Antiq makes available again this brilliant record, with translated lyrics in a luxury tri-fold digipak.

Antiq is a label dedicated to the fully coherent concept of making music through sound, image, video, and attitude. They have been putting their entire existence into it since 2009. Over the years, Antiq have been identified as producers of not only perfectly coherent lyrics and themes through music, but also conceptual art and, of course, the manufacturing of beautiful objects. The label tries as much as it can to work with French creators, and if possible, with the smallest and most serious structures.

In the meantime, stream The Songs of the Death in its entirety  HERE . Cover artwork, courtesy of Sylvana Dark, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Путь's The Songs of the Death
1. Эпитафия
2. Так пела метель
3. Кости первых
4. Прометей
5. Над гробом ветхим
6. Цветы зла
7. В чертоге белом
8. Волос твоих пепел, Рахиль
9. Культ I - огни далеких холмов
10. Культ II - Сатурн



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