MORTA set release date for SIGNAL REX debut Tuesday July 14 2020, 5:34 AM
MORTA set release date for SIGNAL REX debut

Today, Signal Rex announces August 28th as the international release date for Morta's striking debut album, Fúnebre, on digipack CD and cassette tape formats.

Originally released on vinyl in a limited edition of 100 copies, Morta's Fúnebre was simply too good 'n' grimy to let languish in obscurity. Signal Rex steps forward to unleash this torrent of banging 'n' clanging anguish upon the worldwide underground, and for good reason.

A power-trio comprising active members of the Spanish metal scene, Morta are first and foremost a BLACK METAL band, by definition and deed. Unremittingly ugly yet evincing an emotionalism that burrows ever deeper into the filth of the subconscious, Fúnebre expounds upon the rudiments of the band's first demo in 2017 with acidic aplomb. Remorselessly raw is their attack, and yet it's undeniably physical and PURE - literally, the sound of three persons playing together in the same room (dungeon?), which is all too much a rarity in nowadays "black metal." As such, they deftly shift from spiralingly violent hypnosis to scabrously headbanging segments, their riffing duly drawing the listener in with an eerily hummable quality. It would not be uncharitable to liken the latter to a romanticism unique to Morta's Spanish heritage.

The crypts open again, and the torch has been relit: will you enter Morta's Fúnebre?

Take the first step with the track "Sin Voz ni Rostro"  HERE  at Signal Rex's official YouTube channel as well as  HERE  at the label's Soundcloud. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Morta's Fúnebre
1. Cadáver Perenne
2. Introit Sabbat
3. Sacrificio
4. Sin Voz ni Rostro
5. Infierno Fúnebre
6. Oraculum Ab Necromantiæ
7. Fuego y Hueso
8. Gloria Profunda

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