SIXX RELOCATES TO WYOMING Friday July 10 2020, 5:35 AM

MÖTLEY CRÜE   bassist   Nikki Sixx   says that he recently relocated to Wyoming to "reset, restart and recreate."

For the past few weeks,   Nikki   has been posting photos on   Instagram   from the least populous U.S. state, where he has been spending time with his wife   Courtney   and their 11-month-old daughter   Ruby .

Earlier today,   Sixx   posted a new selfie, with the Wyoming mountains in the background, and he included the following message: "The 2 places I've felt closest to God is in Alaska and Wyoming.

"Being relocated in Wyoming most of the time,I am feeling reconnected to some new creativity already.

"Every now and again in life you need to rethink your purpose here. Right now I am here to reset, restart and recreate.I am working on a book, a musical and awaiting a world tour with @motleycrue but as we all know It's the simple stuff that really inspires us,at least for me it is.

"These mountains,the wide open spaces, the people and the wildlife is grounding to me. I don't need fire, unfortunately it burns constantly inside me,what I need is a new purpose to apply the fire to.

"Really excited about the future but no time like the present to look back and reflect.

"I am not running away from anything,I am running head-on towards something new..."

On July 2,   Sixx   celebrated the 19th anniversary of his getting sober.

The 61-year-old   MÖTLEY CRÜE   bassist credited the 12-Step program with helping him live his life without drugs or alcohol.

Sixx   struggled with substance abuse for years and was even supposedly declared clinically dead after a heroin overdose in 1987 made his heart stop for two minutes. He has since become actively involved in a recovery "program," which he credits for helping him transform his life and relationships.

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