Out Now! Spokane's Sludge Gazers MERLOCK Debut 'that which speaks...' EP Released July 10th! Friday July 10 2020, 4:59 AM
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Out Now! Spokane's Sludge Gazers MERLOCK Debut 'that which speaks...' EP Released July 10th!

Formed as a traditional heavy metal band in 2017,  MERLOCK  quickly found themselves drawn to heavy, psychedelic depths. Their  self-titled demo  captured this original, mercurial aesthetic and was independently released in Spring 2018. The band then focused on touring and grinding shows out in the Pacific Northwest and their regional Spokane, Washington area. The more they played, the further the band moved away from their traditional heavy metal roots in search of something more luminous.

After relentless touring and practice, the band entered the studio in December of 2019, with local recording mastermind Bill Nieman. The band emerged with four tracks, which explore the psychedelic shadow realms of self-doubt, alienation, and aimlessness. The new  MERLOCK  'that which speaks...' EP is out now, having released July 10, 2020.
With an ominously beautiful cover done by artist  Anthony Hurd , the 'that which speaks...' EP was produced by Taylor Waring, recorded and mixed by Bill Nieman in his Spokane, WA studio, and mastering done by Randal Darabosh at  Sky Ranch Studios  in Oshkosh, WI. The release is available on cassette by Wandering Reliq, with an unnamed bonus track included. As of July 10th, the EP is available for full digital download via Bandcamp and will be streaming on most outlets.

With a disdain for the desaturated, 'that which speaks...' insists on shimmering through the confines of doom.

'that which speaks...' Tracklist:

01. Idolon
02. Prolapse
03. [vessel]
04. Condemnation

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Merlock's Taylor Waring shares more:

"'that which speaks...' was written in a time of difficulty, hardship, and growth for everyone in Merlock. Lyrically, it has a lot to do with trying to blossom into a better person, which often means pulling some deep, painful roots. There's a lot you have to reckon with in order to progress as a person - I think that's the tension of the album for me.

The recording process for this record was a little intense for Merlock. We recorded over the process of three days. It was the first time we'd really had to play our parts in a vacuum, so there was this difficult isolation and frustration, but I think that tension plays a huge role in the sound of the album.
The name is referenced in the final track, "condemnation." It all sort of descends into this madness and this manic, schizoid voice arises. I've always been really interested in the episode of The Next Generation, where Tasha Yar dies at the whim of Armus, this black, oily creature made from an entire planet's abandoned evil. 'that which speaks...' is a sort of creature like that: an expulsion of filth."

Order 'that which speaks...' now at:

Digital/Cassette:  https:// merlock.bandcamp.com/album/ that-which-speaks

Lead Guitar & Vocals: Taylor D. Waring
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals: Riley D. Moore
Bass: Andrew Backes
Drums: Lucas Wild Barrey

"...this EP from Merlock is the type of record that the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community needs right now. Excellent and Highly Recommended." -  Outlaws Of The Sun

"Merlock is subtly off-kilter in the best of ways... The result is a kind of caustic, trippy, and rough-around-the-edges stoner doom, and it lights a little fire in my heavy (metal) heart." -  Sleeping Village

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