Finland's FRONT reveal first video for new IRON BONEHEAD mini-album Friday July 3 2020, 11:06 AM
Finland's FRONT reveal first video for new IRON BONEHEAD mini-album

Today, Finnish war-machine Front reveal the new video  "Venom & Salt."  The track hails from the band's highly acclaimed new mini-album, Antichrist Militia, released June 5th via Iron Bonehead Productions. See & hear Front's "Venom & Salt" video in its entirety exclusively  HERE  at the band's official YouTube channel.


Guitarist/songwriter Von Bastard states: "As we made the Antichrist Militia record by ourselves all the way - produced, engineered, recorded, mixed - we wanted to try if we could pull out a video also. We didn't want to do another mindless and easy lyric video with few still images looping around mindlessly like the trend is today. We wanted to do the video in an old-school way, and I think we captured that spirit. The video was made with zero budget, DIY all the way. It really is an honest attempt, despite its warts and all. It was clear to us that the place where to shoot the video should be in the very same place where the record was created."

"This song is an all-out attack on sheep mentality spread by Abrahamic religions. Their ignorance shall be reduced to ashes and scattered into the scorched ground with all the venom and salt!" vocalist/lyricist Kaosbringer rasps out.  

Listen to Antichrist Militia in its entirety  HERE  at Front's Bandcamp. CD and 12" vinyl versions of Antichrist Militia are out now on Iron Bonehead. Tape versions coming later this summer/autumn via Von Wolfsblood and Funeral Hymns (exclusively in North America) and Davao Hellbangers (exclusively in Asia). Official T-shirts for a limited time only and exclusively from Saturnal Records  HERE . Cover art, courtesy of Jenglot Hitam, as well as tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Front (Finland)'s Antichrist Militia
1. Doom Cult Legion
2. Antichrist Militia
3. Iron Front
4. Venom & Salt
5. Mouths of War
6. Machinegun Blasphemy

MORE INFO: IronBoneheadProductions

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