Canada’s Turbo Unleash Quarantine Music Video For “Make Bail” Off Upcoming Album “Fast As Fvck” Wednesday June 24 2020, 6:23 AM
Canada’s Turbo Unleash Quarantine Music Video For “Make Bail” Off Upcoming Album “Fast As Fvck”

Another band who has been making good use of quarantine time is Canada’s Turbo who have recorded a music video for the single “Make Bail” off their upcoming album “Fast As Fvck”.

Filmed in true DIY style, the video shows the members in each of their houses, and with a little help from filmmaker and videographer Neil Hunt, the video came together better than the band expected. The boys in Turbo definitely deserve an Oscar for their work in this music video, but in case the awards are cancelled they have prepared the following statement about the focus behind the video:

“When COVID-19 was on the rise and the quarantine hit in full-force, everyone was trapped inside and bored on a biblical scale. Shows were cancelled, tours were cancelled, and we had to come up with a fun backup-plan and fast. We decided on a DIY music video, and it only took a very short conversation and a coy laugh before  we agreed that a song called "Make Bail" was almost too good of a fit for the "Stay The Blazes Home" breakout-of-your-house video we had in mind.”

As with most ideas Turbo has, the origin behind the "Make Bail" video is kind of humorous. Make Bail was the first song they ever wrote as a band at their very first rehearsal, while the idea of the band was still just a mild thought in the minds of these east coast thrashers. Bad breakups lead to the guys writing a good old fashioned "Go F*ck Yourself" getting rid of you type song.

For fans of Motorhead, W.A.S.P., and Kill Cheerleader; Turbo is like your dishevelled uncle on Christmas morning; Turbo is trashed, pissed off, sleazy, mean, and sick of your shit.

The video for “Make Bail” is on YouTube now  HERE .

Previous singles:
'Alive'  HERE
'Burning The Wick'  HERE  

Track Listing:
1. Burning The Wick (2:13)
2. Alive (3:12)
3. Living On The Line (3:26)
4. Silver Spoon (2:56)
5. Make Bail (3:25)
6. Last Call (3:41)
7. Serpents Coil (6:37)
Album Length: 25:33

For more info:  


Like your disheveled uncle on Christmas morning, Turbo is trashed, pissed off, sleazy, mean, and sick of your shit. Coming at you hard and fast from the east coast of Canada, rages Turbo. An eclectic mix of rock, punk, and metal, this is what would happen if nitroglycerin had a soundtrack. High impact is the name of the game for them and they are bringing the grit to listeners around the world. 

With 100% collaborative effort, the themes that fuel Turbo lyrics revolve around personal experiences or things that just come up while they’re writing the music to a particular piece. The focus is that all the bandmates are able to relate to everything they sing about. It’s real, edgy, and visceral.

The highly potent debut album “Fast as Fvck” is on the way for 2020; metal enough for the heshers, punk enough for the threshers, and rocking enough to satiate the haughtiest of purest; welcome to Turbo’s patented “Nitro-Rock”.

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