WALTARI to stream live show, performing new METALVILLE album in full with Q&A afterward Wednesday June 24 2020, 6:17 AM
WALTARI to stream live show, performing new METALVILLE album in full with Q&A afterward

People - it’s time to rock!!!


Finland’s craziest gang, Waltari released its latest album, Global Rock, three months ago via Metalville Records. It was just few days after the pandemic shut down everything. No concerts, no parties…and yet, Global Rock – Waltari's 14th studio album – was well received. The band says thank you to everyone keeping track on the band and its music!
With little belated thanks to Covid-19, Waltari want to celebrate this release now together with fans and friends – with a full live show through a live stream on Saturday, July 11th. The show will kick off at 8 pm CET / 2 pm EST.

The live stream by no means is just another gig: there are going to be interviews with band members, and the stream will followed by a Q&A session. Let’s rock this night together!
The live stream is going to be produced in cooperation with GLivelab Helsinki and the communications agency Noveltive. Tickets are 9,90 € and can be purchased at updated link  HERE . Updated Facebook event page can be found  HERE .

Waltari believe in musical rebellion, in mixing genres and creating new, refreshing sounds. Since their formation in Helsinki in 1986, the band has embodied the pure passion for music combined with their rebellious, anarchistic attitude. Throughout their long career, they have always remained true to themselves, without following commercial trends or genre restrictions.

Global Rock is Waltari's first album for their new home of Metalville, and was released worldwide on March 20th. Global Rock shows a fresh, diverse view of modern metal, including a cover of Canned Heat’s "Going Up The Country." As always with this band, expect the unexpected!
Vocalist and mastermind Kärtsy Hatakka sums up the philosophy of Waltari: "Rock is an attitude, an unquenched thirst to remain playful with life - 'til the very end! It's the world Waltari was born into. I still find it cool to put on my make-up and be an outcast. Our goal is to create music that will blow the minds of our listeners."

Earlier this year, the band have revealed a lyric video for the new track "Postrock," which can be seen & heard  HERE  at Waltari's official YouTube channel. And don't forget to check out the video for "Skyline"  HERE , also at the band's official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting for Global Rock are as follows:

Tracklisting for Waltari's Global Rock
1. Postrock
2. Metal Soul
3. Skyline
4. The Way
5. No Sacrifice
6. Sick’n’Tired
7. Boots
8. Going Up The Country
9. Orleans
10. Had It All
11. And The
12. Sand Witch
13. Beloved

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