Montreal's GORLVSH Shares New Music Video 'New City Vibe' + Debut Album Out Now Tuesday June 16 2020, 7:49 PM
Montreal's GORLVSH Shares New Music Video 'New City Vibe' + Debut Album Out Now

Bringing their bizarre, mathy, metallic hardcore music to ears everywhere, Montreal, QC power trio GORLVSH (pronounced Gore-Lush) unleashed their debut album earlier this month on June 5th via  No List Records  and  Ancient Temple Recordings . Entitled “New City Vibe”, the album is a new mantra, as an injunction. "New City Vibe" is decadence. The lyrics on the release are all about today’s challenges, individualism, hyper-sexualization, ordinary violence, competition between individuals, and deadly ideologies destroying people’s lives. For those who are from the band’s hometown of Montreal, the artwork represents the iconic Farine Roses building.

Today, the band shares their $0 budget video for the album's title track filmed on the deserted streets of Montreal during the global pandemic.

The band adds:

"What's a better encapsulation of the current NEW CITY VIBE here in Montreal than three dudes strutting around like gangsters in an abandoned city covered in graffiti, where the only friendly faces are hidden behind dehumanizing masks, engulfed by a now routine dread from a F*CKING PANDEMIC? Hopefully not too much"

Watch 'New City Vibe' on  YouTube  or  Facebook .

Featuring a tornado of crushing heavy sludgy riffs and venomous spitfire vocals, “New City Vibe” is available for digital, CD, and cassette orders from No List Records  here  and Ancient Temple Recordings  here  plus  Spotify .

The band adds:

"We hope those that listen will be stoked to hear something unique, but also produced and performed phenomenally. We want people to be excited about something that hasn't really heard before, something fresh and uncommon. We do massive riffs that work for our blend of multiple bass amps, octave pedals, and a f*ckton of distortion and fx. We really aim to sound as good and professional as possible, despite our DIY ethos and $0 recording budget. This record was recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by our drummer Noah with the goal of spending no money for the whole record. So far this has worked out."

Music Video ‘Wait For Me’  HERE .

Track Listing:
1. Don’t Miss The Shot (1:45)
2. New City Vibe (2:28)
3. Wait For Me (2:55)
4. Sheppard One Is Down (3:00)
5. Wolves Against Wolves (2:57)
6. I Don’t Want To Survive (2:33)
7. Wake (2:55)
8. 007 (3:35)
9. Too Many Will Try (2:16)
Album Length: 24:28

For more info:  

“Combining the influential sounds of Converge, Death from Above 1979 and Lightning Bolt, Montreal’s Gorlvsh (pronounced “Gore-Lush”) is dead set on adding some rowdiness and weirdness to the sonic landscape. We don’t know if they are, as they claim, “Montreal’s sickest guitar-less band,” but from what we can tell they make a hell of a racket that combines math rock angularity, crushing metallic riffs, off-kilter rhythms and a few catchy hooks in there for good measure.” – Decibel Magazine

"The bass tone is maybe more important than you realize, because Gorlvsh don’t use a guitar. It’s just bassist Nick Boucher slinging the riffs in ways that provide a lot more than groove, drummer Noah Baxter working in an exhilarating amount of intricacy to go along with a lot of skull-busting, and vocalist Isaac Ruder adding both bleeding-edge intensity and melodic hooks. The result is music that’s sometimes bizarre and mentally unbalancing, sometimes gut-slugging, and sometimes downright enthralling — and rarely follows a straight line." - No Clean Singing

"GORLVSH Offer Some Good Vibes Hardcore With New City Vibe" - Metal Injection

"With varying tempos, drawn out percussion, desperate and throat shredding roars, New City Vibe is the epitome of a modern hardcore record. Gorlvsh delivering on their promise of punk-sensibilities and metal ruthlessness." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life 

“Blending  Dillinger Escape Plan –esque angular complexity with punk snarl and groovy riffs reminiscent of  Mutoid Man , Gorlvsh may not have been what the death metal/grindcore crowd at L’Esco were expecting, but they were one of the most fun and most unique local bands I’ve seen in a good while.” – Bucketlist Music Reviews

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