Post Mortal Possession Unleash Devastating New Track, Listen Here! Monday July 10 2017, 9:26 PM
Post Mortal Possession Unleash  Devastating New Track, Listen Here!

This track was recorded at Cerebral Audio Productions by Shane Mayer in May 2017. Mixed and Mastered by Shane Mayer. The track will be featured on our full length set to be released in late 2017. All music was recorded and performed by Post Mortal Possession.
Within the cesspool of the wretched human society
This creature was spawn from beyond
Forged from bottomless rage
Bent to kill and enslave

Enter thy putrid palace
Sanctuary of grotesque design
Gruesome corpses lie entombed
Rats gorge themselves amongst the decay
Baring witness as I feast.
On the living or deceased

Origins of this grotesque creature. remains a burden to all man
Abomination from below

Risen from fecal matter
Sadistic rage ensues
Infesting within my bowels
Born in the womb of waste
Forged in the abyss of hate
Architect of extinction

Upon hanging limbs
Viciously the flesh is devoured
Blood drunk driven beyond insane
Corpse is pulled through the drain

Death lurks in the kingdom of filth
Ingesting putrid fragments of human remains
Fornicating with half eaten decomposing bodies
C***ing acid inside a served head

Upon my throne of disgust I reign
Vile creature spewing with disease
Within the sewers I fester in morbid decay
Victims are on display
Woman are kept for tortuous reproduction
Impregnated with a vomitous infestation
A parasitic invasion

Bodies pollute the seas
Oxygen contaminated with disease
Depopulation breeds extinction
The Era of Bacterial Gestation

Victims are rendered paralysed
They're eyes paint a picture of my salvation
Rotting corpses are piled up along the walls
With mold and gangrene there souls are emtombed
Inside this museum of Macomb design

Tubes are forced down the throat
Ingesting sewage
Feces spew out every orfice

Misery and despair will overtake this world
Birthing a decrypted waste land of nothingness
I reign upon my throne of decaying corpses
OverLord to a dimension of Repugnant filth
Upon the garbage and bodies
My kingdom was bulit

Single: Ingesting Sewage
Released: Jul 5, 2017
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bandcamp: https://postmortalpossession666.bandc...

1. Ingesting Sewage 

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Music performed and recorded @ Cerebral Audio Productions by Shane Mayer in May 2017. Mixed and mastered by Shane Mayer.

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