Ottawa Progressive Death Metal OMINOUS ECLIPSE Premiere Quarantine Video 'Eclipse' via TheCirclePit Saturday June 13 2020, 7:45 PM
Ottawa Progressive Death Metal OMINOUS ECLIPSE Premiere Quarantine Video 'Eclipse' via TheCirclePit

L-R - Jeremiah Marshall (Drums) | James Close (Guitar & Vocal) | Graham Murphy (Guitar & Vocal) | Ryan Clements (Bass)

Photo Credit – Jessy Dwyer of Beyond the Pit Productions


As much as quarantine has been a major downer for most of us, there are those who are making the most out of it. This includes Ominous Eclipse who has a new single “Eclipse” complete with a quarantine music video that is premiering on The Circle Pit.

"The lyrical concept of 'Eclipse' is the representation of our name, Ominous Eclipse. It is a bleak tale of the sun being separated from the earth where on the blackened planet everything dies in darkness with despair. Musically, this is our most ambitious composition. With the 11-minute running time, orchestrations, and other new elements, we have strived for what we feel will be our magnum opus."

"Eclipse" is one of four tracks on the upcoming EP of the same name which will be released later in the year. Groovy and technical, the band thinks this album will come as a surprise to long time fans. The band quotes:  

“The tracks are more rhythmically focused as there is far less lead guitar shredding than our previous work. However, the guitars are still the focal point of our sound. With this release, we have a much less aggressive sound than our previous release “Sinister”.”

Recommended for fans of Death, Gojira, and Opeth, “Eclipse” can be watched right now on The Circle Pit  HERE .

Single Credits:
• All songs performed by: Ominous Eclipse
• Album Artwork by: Dark Days Design
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Live Band Line Up:
Graham Murphy – Guitar & Vocal
James Close (JD) – Guitar & Vocal
Ryan Clements – Bass
Jeremiah Marshall – Drums

For more info:

An ambitious band passionate about writing and playing extreme music, Ottawa based metal band Ominous Eclipse has been tearing up the local scene since 2014. Founded by Graham Murphy (guitar/vocals) and Ryan Clements (bass/vocals), and later joined by James Close (guitar/vocals) and  Jeremiah Marshall (drums) the band draws their inspiration from a wide variety of genres creating a unique sound all their own.

Founding member and movie buff Graham Murphy explains how they came up with the band name which was partially inspired by the movie “Pitch Black”.

“Ominous Eclipse follows the idea of the world falling into eternal darkness. The envisioned concept is of the earth being blocked off from the sun leaving the world in uncertainty and falling into chaos.”

Following the origin of the band name, many of the lyrical themes pay homage to the plots from movies and books and sometimes situations in everyday life. Shortly after their formation in 2014, Ominous Eclipse released a four-song EP “Beyond The Apocalypse” with a full length “End Of Days” following not long after in 2015. In 2018, they released their second full length and third studio release “Sinister”.

Not wanting to be easily categorized and predictable, the band finds that over their evolution from the first release they have moved away from thrashy overtones to become more diverse including more heavily stated melodic and technical sounds with a solid groove and death foundation. Ominous Eclipse has been gaining speed in their region opening for bands such as Revocation, The Agonist, and Kalmah and has also acquired an endorsement with Indie Guitar Co. They are looking forward to their next release, a planned EP for 2020, and spreading their music to a wider fan base.

“Their new song “Spiral Into Insanity” has a strong death metal foundation, including very melodic leads, but there’s more than enough groovy thrash inspiration and even a hint of black metal there. ” – Decibel Magazine

“‘Sinister’ is a high-energy track launched by heartless riff jabs, ear-scouring string squeals, and neck-snapping drumwork. The vocals come for your throat, too, in an effusion of heartless roars and face-scraping shrieks, and the song is accented by flurries of spidery, darting fretwork and by a pair of flashy, fluid, but demented solos. It becomes a thrashing gallop, but without becoming any less venomous in its delivery.” – No Clean Singing

“As the evolution of Ominous Eclipse has progressed, the band have hybridized a seething core of death metal sound with elements of thrash, black metal, and melodic death metal. But if “The Horde” is a sign of what’s to come next, they’re reaching for new levels of monstrous and electrifying destructiveness.” – No Clean Singing

“Whilst we wait with anticipation to hear the rest of the record ”Sinister” is yet another outstanding track on what looks set to be a very exciting record from ‘Ominous Eclipse’.” – Spirit Level Magazine

“a game changing release for Ominous Eclipse that places them center stage for my pick of the best Canadian Metal release this year….Every track stands strongly on its own, thanks to the band’s immense talent and flawless production. Ominous Eclipse is a band that carries the banner for the N.W.O.C.D.M. with pride and distinction. Out September 14th on all streaming platforms, I would recommend Sinister to fans of Death, Iron Maiden, Infernal Majesty and Gojira.” – Hellbound

“Demonstrating their ability to blend genres within metal to create a compelling album, this is an impressive sophomore delivery. Each track brings something different and feels refreshing even after multiple listens.” – Splice Magazine

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