New message from Tankcrimes Friday June 5 2020, 6:09 AM
New message from Tankcrimes

Hey guys - What a wild week its been since I last reached out in an email. You guys bought up all the Necrot vinyl so dang fast the webstore crashed, twice. I had to dig into our stash to add another variant (sorry "US indie store exclusive") and that was gone by the next morning so I added another (sorry "EU Exclusive"). It's awesome, I really appreciate the hell out of it. We worked really hard on this release and am so stoked it's being recieved the way it is. Thank you so much.

The streets also erupted this week in a cry out against police brutality and murder. My heart aches for the people and families who face this. It's gone on for too long, something has got to give. I stand with the black and brown community against an oppressive and racist system and I know I can count on you to do the same. I’m thrilled to work with bands who speak up and I love our family and friends who stand with us. The opposite of racist isn’t not racist, it’s anti-racist! xoxo Scotty

Today, Friday June 5th is Bandcamp Day (no fees) and we’ve got a lot going on.

All digital sales plus $1 for each physical sale going to Black Lives Matter.

FUCKED UP “High Rise” 7”
80 pieces of striped vinyl - 100% of proceeds going to The Bail Project. -

We have a new Bandcamp exclusive splatter vinyl variant for the new Necrot LP up.

Necrot "Mortal" - LP/CD/CS/DG
Oakland Death Metal new full-length, Mortal, via Tankcrimes on August 28th!

bandcamp vinyl / digital preorders: mortal

other physical + international orders:

International orders please use the Merchtable store - the shipping rates are 50% less

Is available direct from the band --------> longsleeves, hoodies, patches, pins, flags, exclusive vinyl variant
at their bandcamp here:

Reviews - Interviews - Promo - Radio Play



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