AFTERMATH Uses Digital Billboards Urging People to "Give Peace a Chance" Thursday June 4 2020, 7:43 PM
AFTERMATH Uses Digital Billboards Urging People to "Give Peace a Chance"

Aftermath has two digital billboard locations urging people to Give Peace a Chance. Recently the band released their new video for their re-imagined version of the John Lennon classic -"Give Peace a Chance." The Official @John Lennon both tweeted and posted the video on Facebook.

“John Lennon’s urgent call for peace in Give Peace a Chance is more important today than ever, and our call for peace with this cover is the perfect message to follow up our previous album. We released a dark concept album with a bleak message and felt it was important to follow that up with something positive. The visuals in the video are as important as the lyrics in a way. We live in a visual world today and this video needed to get out the message of HOPE. Having a young girl be the focus of the video was our way of getting that across. Seeing only positive acts when she puts on Lennon’s famous glasses was the perfect visual metaphor. Lennon’s message is transmitted not only through his lyrics but also through the perspective created by his unique lenses” says the band.

The billboards are located at...
1. I-290 expressway and 25th Avenue in Bellwood Illinois. This expressway leads directly to downtown Chicago. It’s located on Thornton’s Gas Station site directly off the north side of the expressway.

2. 1-294 East of the expressway. Actual address is 11500 Melrose in Franklin Park Illinois. This one is located 3 miles from O’Hare Airport.


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