MASTODON   guitarist   Bill Kelliher   has slammed   Donald Trump , calling America's 45th president an "orange shitstain" and "fucking scumbag" who is "a total racist."

Kelliher   discussed his political views during an appearance on the latest episode of the   "Rock & Roll Beer Guy" podcast .

Speaking about the fact that many seemingly smart people have fallen for dangerous lies spread about the new coronavirus,   Bill   said (hear audio below): "It all stems from these idiot   Trump   supporters who believe everything that this orange shitstain says. He's so wobbly, it's ridiculous that anyone would still, to this day, take him seriously and believe that he has your best interests in his agenda. He does not, and it's obvious.

"What it is, is he wants to blame everything on [former   President Barack ]   Obama … 'Cause he's a total racist. So just out of spite, he wants to undo everything that   Obama 's done. And in doing so, he's undone the American population. People are picking sides. Now it doesn't matter what your beliefs are — you're either Democrat or Republican. You can't be bipartisan; you're just one or the other to the death. It doesn't matter what   Donald Trump   says — you just believe everything blindly.

"That's why when if someone suggests that, 'It's a political thing,' or, 'It's a ploy by the Democrats to make me look bad,' it's, like, 'No. You're looking bad on your own, buddy. You are completely capable of looking bad on your own.' So that's where it's all stemming from. And now people are, 'Oh, this is a hoax. We're gonna do what we wanna do,' and 'freedom' and all this bullshit.

"If everyone just stayed in their house for, like, three weeks, then this shit would be over with and we could about our lives," he continued. "But they won't, because they wanna defy what they think are the Democrats, and for political motivations, to defy anybody who has any brains behind them, really, and science. They wanna just go outside and go back to work. And you can't do that. We're never gonna get back to work with this attitude."

Kelliher   also criticized the federal government for distributing measly one-time stimulus checks of up to $1200 to eligible American adults, saying it does not go nearly far enough.

"Whose idea was it to give out $1200 to everybody?" he said. "What the fuck is that gonna do? That's peanuts. That's ridiculous… And that's like a one-time thing. And the audacity of that prick to hold that money until he could have each [check] stamped with   Donald Trump 's name. What a fucking scumbag. I just can't believe [it]. Egotistical maniac.

"It's unfathomable that we live in a country in 2020 and this fucker is still in charge. He's an idiot,"   Bill   added.

Kelliher   went on to say that he is "losing faith in the American people." He said: "I'm, like, 'Man, what is wrong with our country? Why is everybody so into this guy?' He's a fucking failed reality-show host. I hated him then."

According to   Bill , the reason   Trump 's overall job approval rating still stands at more than 40% is the fact that "America is   dumb   — people are   dumbed the fuck down   so hard, especially compared to other countries. I travel all over the world and I just see how much better it is," he said.

"Believe me, I   love   my country, I love it here — it's just the people I can do without. [ Laughs ] Not everybody," he clarified. "The people I know and I associate with, we're all kind of on the same page.

"I'm sure me speaking like this, someone will be, like, 'America, love it or leave it.' No — you fucking leave it, man. You're the fucking idiot," he continued.

"The whole 'snowflake' argument about, 'Well, let's reverse abortion.' It's, like, no, abortion is legal, dude, in America.   You're   the one who's wrong if you're trying to reverse it.   You're   the fucking snowflake.   You   can't handle it. Get the fuck out. You don't want abortion? Then don't fucking have one — period. Stay the fuck out of my business."

MASTODON   is currently working on material for the follow-up to 2017's   "Emperor Of Sand"   album for a tentative 2021 release.

"Emperor Of Sand"   debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200. That album was nominated for the 2018   Grammy Award   for "Best Rock Album," and its opening track,   "Sultan's Curse" , won the   Grammy Award   for "Best Metal Performance."

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