Ahi Cab by Idolos (EP) Sunday May 24 2020, 10:37 PM
Ahi Cab by Idolos (EP)

Idolos is an atmospheric black metal project out of France. In April 2020 they have re-released an EP titled Ahi Cab via Wolfmond Production.  Another version of this EP already exists released back in Jan 2020 via Anthranzit Records. Not much information on band members is available which would suggest that this is some sort of a 1-2 man project.

On the EP cover, you will see one ugly sad face with the band logo and some trees and smoke in the background. Not sure what exactly this EP cover represents, however, the band describes the title and music revolving around the themes of ancient mythology, which makes sense. Kudos for attempting to cover such a subject as this requires proficiency and in-depth knowledge of history. This is definitely not an easy subject to touch on. Unfortunately, the vocals are not understandable, as it would be interesting to hear them. Lyrics are available on Metal Archives. They are non-poetic, however, each track tells a story instead which is really cool.

As far as the music goes, this is exactly what this is supposed to be – black metal style tremolo guitars, chords with long parts repeating. It creates an atmosphere. Drums sound very monotonous – long straight parts with a fill before going into the next part. Vocals sound like they are in the background. You can hear a few technical flaws in the vocals here and there, but the fact that they’re in the background makes it less visible. Overall production is very ok for this style of music, very noisy guitars for the atmosphere I guess but nothing major to complain about, however missing low end. Maybe for this style of music, you don’t need it? Maybe it’s all about the atmosphere.

Musically this is nothing new; there is no stint of any ancient greek or Mayan music. The music mainly resembles your typical black metal, which I personally love for what it is. There are some catchy guitar leads and atmospheres here and there, however mostly this isn’t something that would make you listen again and again. Personally I like “The summoners” track, to me, it has got the catchiest atmospheres out the whole EP.

In conclusion, good effort, however, needs lots of work on the music, concept and delivery. As this genre revolves around long parts repeating for a long time, in my opinion, each verse, pre-chorus and chorus pretty much has to be crafted with something catchy and enthralling. The artist is definitely capable of writing good music as there are some really catchy parts.

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