Effects of Listening to Heavy Metal Music on College Students Monday May 18 2020, 11:52 AM
Effects of Listening to Heavy Metal Music on College Students

Music is a huge part of every person’s life almost since the very birth. And, there is no secret, that youth and especially college students consider it as the food of the soul. Young people spend lots of time listening to music. They use it to handle emotions, cure mind, and soul, set up the right mood, etc. However, no matter how much they depend on it, not many realize that it actually has a large impact on their lives.

Although each of us has unique musical preferences, there are certain common features in different social groups. Speaking of college students, rock and heavy metal music are among the top five most popular genres .

The stats show that quite many college students give their preference to heavy music. Is it a good or a bad thing? While the opinions on this matter are rather contradictory. Many people claim that there are many positive effects of heavy metal music. Is it true? Let’s figure this out!


Heavy Music for College Students: Top 5 Effects

So, are you a fan of heavy metal? Then be sure that you can get some pretty fascinating benefits of listening to it! Despite a common misbelief, heavy music can nurture one’s body and mind, bringing some real benefits. What are those? Here are the top 5 heavy metal music health benefits you should know about: 

  • It Eases Stress

Speaking of why music is good for you, one of the facts most of us have heard is that music can promote mental health and help ease stress. That’s true. The stress-relieving properties of music have been confirmed by numerous studies.

However, how can heavy metal reduce stress, you may wonder? Studies show that listening to any kind of music can help combat stress. It doesn’t really matter what genre or style you are into. It is just that hearing your favorite tunes promotes the release of cortisol in the body, helping ease stress and ensure overall wellbeing.

  • It Reduces Youth Violence

This benefit may sound less obvious than others. Indeed, there is a common belief that genres like rock and heavy metal promote violence. However, according to studies, this kind of music, on the contrary, helps to make you less violent

According to studies, young people who listen to metal music for a long time are generally happier than their peers who prefer other genres. Also, experts claim that long-term fans of heavy music grow into better-adjusted adults in the future.

Another benefit is that heavy metal music can help a person calm down faster after some triggering events, for example, when one feels too stressed, angry, or unhappy. One study conducted on a group of participants, who were made angry in advance, revealed that people who listened to heavy metal could calm down and handle their negative emotions faster.


  • It Makes You Smarter

This may surprise you, but listening to heavy music can have some unbelievable effects on one’s cognitive abilities. 

Numerous studies show that listening to music you like can promote brain function. It also keeps your mood in a good and stable state, thus, keeping you more motivated and focused. Also, music boosts one’s short-term memory.

Thus, if you are facing issues with college studies or can’t handle your tasks, there are two effective ways to handle it. First of all, you can turn to best online assignment writer to get professional help with your tasks. Or you could keep enjoying your favorite tunes while honing your brain’s function!

  • It Prevents Depression

As most of you may know, college students suffer from depression quite often. This issue appears due to a large academic load and a constant state of stress. And, once the disease is developed, handling it can be rather difficult. Luckily, similarly to like heavy music can ease stress, it can also prevent or cope with depression. This positive effect of listening to heavy metal is also explained by the release of the hormone cortisol.

  • It Helps You Socialize

Finally, the last big effect of this type of music is that it can help college students socialize and make friends. Being a fan of something makes it extremely easy to catch up with the same-minded people and become a part of a community, which is extremely important for young people.

The Bottom Line

Many of us have heard about the possible negative effect of listening to heavy music. Some people believe that such music can cause depression, stimulate violence, and turn young people into depressive loners. However, in reality, the heavy metal listeners personality often turns out to be much different from what many believe in.

Based on actual facts and studies, we can see that listening to heavy metal actually has plenty of positive effects on students. It boosts cognitive skills, reduces stress, helps prevent depression, and ensures overall wellbeing.

Author’s Bio: This article was created by a professional academic writer Jeff Blaylock. Jeff is a qualified expert in the field of psychology and a dedicated fan of heavy metal music. In his article, Jeff Blaylock busts the myths about this genre and tells us about the positive effects of heavy metal on college students.

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