Swiss post-hardcore/post-rock/metal collective Darius released 'Live Album' // Out now on Digital exclusive through Hummus Records Friday May 15 2020, 11:39 AM
Swiss post-hardcore/post-rock/metal collective Darius released 'Live Album' // Out now on Digital exclusive through Hummus Records

Surprise : just a few days after the officiel release of its new album 'Voir', Swiss post-hardcore/heavy-post-rock/metal collective Darius released another record with a live album recorded secretly @ Ebullition (Switzerland) and available right now for Digital exclusive through Hummus Records.
In addition to the release news, the band also shared the whole effort for full-streaming + FREE DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp while 'Voir' is still available on CD, LP & Digital + full-streaming on Hummus Recs.

For fans of Bossk, ENVY, Russian Circles...

Following the releases of «Grain» and «Clôture», Darius' third opus «Voir» lives up to their reputation. After heading to Laval (FR) to meet with young producer Amaury Sauvé (Birds in Row), the five Fribourgers came back with a massive record whose overview is worthy of a CinemaScope western.
Their twenty-two guitar strings compose a surprising orchestral landscape that masterfully oscillates between abstract noise rock and instrumental post-rock. Their playing has refined although it hasn’t soothed; Darius’ formula stays the same. Being poles apart from effects, manners and make-up, these five lads play for thesake of passion, honor and camaraderie.
A beautiful live band to be taken in the face, with open arms, calm breath and abattling heart. [L. Jucker // Hummus Records]

...For the record...
Three guitars - what do they use them for ? Crushing sonic waves of instrumental grandeur. Darius manage orchestral songs without pompousness. Raw riffs. Simple and repetitive chords you wanna play with too much excitation. Riffs that hurt your wristand cover your guitar with blood. Riffs that once layered form an atypical, choral and fairly violent heavy instrumental rock. Like a big cake, made of real and healthy ingredients, nutritive, fat as fuck and surprisingly digest.
They shared the stage with bands like Meshuggah, Deftones, Wang Wen, Toundra, Long Distance Calling, Jambinai and...Henri Dès at festivals like Rock Oz'Arènes, Rock Altitude, Hummus Fest, etc. This led them to record 'GRAIN' (Hummus Records, 2015), 'CLÔTURE' (Cold Smoke Records & Czar of Revelations, 2018) and their very new album 'VOIR' (Hummus Records, 2020) produced by Amaury Sauvé (Birds in Row, Death Engine, The Prestige...).
They’re obviously a live and down-to-earth band. No wonder then if they sound on record like they are in real-life: warm and frank, loud and fun.

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