Stream GEEZER – Psychoriffadelia! Sunday June 25 2017, 7:52 PM
Stream GEEZER – Psychoriffadelia!

Self described as “Cosmic Stoner Blues” comprised of “Heavy Psychedelic Riff Rock”, this three piece powerhouse is about to blow your mind and speakers in one fell swoop with this latest release of five separate compositions that stand alone and even better as a complete package. For the next 39 minutes of smoke filled vocal lamentations with a guitar slide so smooth, you can hear the blue in the glass as the bottom end rumble gives you that ‘body’ to close your eyes and roll along with each moment, taken along with all of the leading pace of this heavy-hit drumline that has enough perfectly timed fills to satiate the most veracious headbanger. ~ Ric Dorr  ( Taste Nation )

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