Sammy Hagar Is Better Than David Lee Roth? Saturday April 25 2020, 6:18 PM
Sammy Hagar Is Better Than David Lee Roth?

Legendary record producer Ted Templeman, who worked for the bands like Van Halen and Van Morrison, spoke in the recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock and revealed his real thoughts about Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth.
As you might already know, David Lee Roth is one of the co-founders of the Van Halen, and they rocked the world between 1978-1985. However, they replaced him with Sammy Hagar in 1986.
Since then, these two legendary vocalists are the subjects of the main discussion of who is Van Halen fans’ favorite vocalist ever.
In the conversation, Ted stated that Sammy is the best rock singer on the planet by saying he is the only guy that could sing rock n’ roll and soul. Ted also defined Sammy’s voice as indefinable.
Also, Ted mentioned that Sammy is like the mix of Robert Plant and James Brown. Furthermore, he admitted that he had doubted Sammy when he replaced David in the band. However, he realized that David is not a singer like Sammy is.
Here is what Ted Templeman said:
“Sammy’s a helluva singer. Sammy may be the best singer out there. Period.
To me, he’s a combination of Robert Plant and James Brown. That guy can sing like nobody. I’m telling you, nobody. I’m talking just as a singer. He doesn’t know how good he is even. The guy is, I think, the best rock singer on the planet.”
He continued:
“When I first sat down with Sammy and his manager, I said, ‘Call it something else if you’re going to be in the band.’ It’s just not Van Halen without Dave to me.
Before Sammy joined Van Halen, I had a plan for Sammy to do a Prince-type thing. Because he’s the only guy that could sing rock ‘n’ roll and soul.”
Ted added:
“I mean, he can sing soul like James Brown. And people don’t even know it. I had a whole thing planned out for him. But no, he and his manager wanted to be in Van Halen, and those guys wanted a guy who could really sing, because Dave is not a singer like Sammy.”

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