Phone Records Indicate Chris Cornell Death Timeline Is False? Sunday June 18 2017, 5:44 PM
Phone Records Indicate Chris Cornell Death Timeline Is False?

TMD has obtained the actual phone call records for 911 EMS response to MGM Grand Hotel on May 18th. According to the public record provided via Data.Detroit.Gov widget online, the first 911 call for Chris Cornell came in at 12:59:47 AM not 12:15AM. So this means that the official timeline is A BIG FAT LIE!


(Fake Story As Originally Reported By Detroit News)

The first medic could not have shown up at the time that was first indicated to the authorities on the matter because the initial call to 911 was not placed until around that very same time (12:56AM is when the first medic was said to arrive, right?
Well that is now known to be FALSE.


And then according to the phone record reportedly a second call was made from that location to 911 53 minutes later at 1:52AM. The comment is “remarks” for purpose of follow up call on patient status.


So obviously this was when the first medic arrived finally and then made a call back to dispatch
to update on the status of Chris, once they failed to revive him after doing CPR.

It might be obvious because the “incident” is Suicide but the Priority Code is 1, which means “Dead On Arrival”.

The Detroit PD did not arrive until later to observe the death scene and spoke with
the bodyguard and Chris Cornell’s wife Vicky via phone as is typical in a case like this, where next of kin is notified and some preliminary investigation begins.

However, Detroit PD accepted the altered story/timeline of events from the bodyguard without ever verifying even the EMS phone dispatch record. So once they reviewed
the security footage in the hallway and verified the bodyguard Martin Kirsten was the last one to leave that room, they bought the false narrative hook, line and sinker!

Here is the kicker… allegedly the bodyguard had a key card to Chris’ room #1136 – according to Vicky. So TMD’s “ Latch Theory ” is proven to be true because he had a way into that room all along he was just faking everyone out and got the hotel’s help when in fact HE HAD ENTRY ALL ALONG!

The bodyguard put on a show for the security camera and the “Engaged Latch” angle he was selling to police in the hallway when he kicked in a door that was not actually latched from the inside, understand? For it was never actually engaged. Because Cornell was already dead in the bathroom staged as a suicide. There is no way the front entrance could have been latched from the inside… nor the bathroom itself. The entire scene police walked onto was staged well before they arrived.

It is TMD’s belief based on all of this new evidence that SOUNDGARDEN’s Chris Cornell did not commit suicide as the medical examiner has ruled.

Chris Cornell is the victim of premeditated homicide.

You simply do not suffer over a half dozen fractured ribs from CPR. Chris was in some kind of serious altercation and ended up being strangled to death by someone much stronger than him. It is TMD’s belief he was next staged in the bathroom by way of partial suspension with red elastic workout band to make it appear as though he took his own life.

Now that we know the proper timeline we can see that the bodyguard had control of Chris in that room for a lot longer time than first assumed. That was so he could make damn sure Chris was dead before starting with the elaborate cover-up – and ultimately succeeded in duping the police with his bogus story.

And now that we can all see with our own eyes that the timeline sold to the public has been a fraud all along this definitely compounds the significance of the brutal 9 fractured ribs the rock legend sustained on his final night alive, wouldn’t you agree?

(Thanks: “The Cornellathon” for providing official phone record data)

This story was posted by Randy “Rocket” Cody at TMD . Now i don't know about you but a whole lot of this seems to be spot on and what the mainstream media is feeding us does not add up! Can anyone debunk anything in this article? is this all bullshit? Are we just a bunch of paranoid maniacs wearing tin foil hats? What the hell is going on here?

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